Zombie Invasion is a mix of Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! and Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack. It also has areas based on each Gameria.


James: I'd like a bottom bun, 3 patties and a top bun.

Rita: Sure!

(6 minutes later)

Rita: There you go!

James: Thanks!(leave.)

Rita:Who's next?........

(A portal appears)

Everyone: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!NOT AGAIN!

Narrator:One Hour later

Tony/Mandi:Where i am?

Lisa:Why we in a cage?

Many Other:Help us!

(Sarge coming)

Sarge:Hahaha!You ando Your friend steal Royal Jewel!NOW WELCOME TO THE FOOD JAIN!Annd I join Mr.Ziff!Hahaha!(leave)

Tony/Mandi:(bleep) you!(Break cage with his/her Umberlla.) Player:Tony W:Newspaper、Mandi W:Newspaper and Lisa W:Comic Book.

1st area: Pizza Run



Brown Onion


Mad Eye(NEW!)

Pizza Monster(O)


Mad Butcher from Castlevania:Order of Esia

Saddam Clone

Saran Clone

Brain Z4


Ra-Noobses II

1. Rescue Scooter W:Skateboard S:Double Jump 

2. Rescue Big Pauly W:Pepper Bpmb S:Ground Pound

3. Rescue Jojo W:Blue Ribbon S:Glide with his umberlla

4. Get 1,000 coins(Need Slide or )

5. Defeat 7 Pizza Monsters

6. Find 5 Pizzas(Need Double Jump)

2nd area: Burger Dump

1. Rescue Pinch Hitwell W:Baseball Bat

2. Rescue Rita W:Flipper

3. Rescue Sasha W:Cheese Monster Doll

4. Find 1,000 coins

5. Defeat 2 Burgerzillas

6. Find 4 Burgers

3rd area: Taco Chant

1. Rescue Kahuna W:Board

2. Rescue Willow W:Vanilla Drizzle

3. Rescue Mitch W:Hot Sauce Shooter

4. Find 1,000 coins

5. Defeat 15 Taco Wraps

6. Find 3 Tacos

4th area: Sundae Making

1. Rescue Professor Fitz W:Potion

2. Rescue Taylor W:Mustard Shooter

3. Rescue Timm W:Pineapple statue

4. FInd 1,000 coins

5. Defeat 4 Evil Onions

6. Find 8 Sundaes

5th area: Maple Spill

1. Rescue Skyler W:Coffee Statue

2. Rescue Sue W:Salmon

3. Rescue Vicky W:Comb

4. Find 1,000 coins

5. Defeat 4 Evil Papa Louies

6. Find 1 Pancake

6th area: Gaming Time

Lisa:What the Heck?

Giant Hamburger Zombie:Brains!

Tony/Mandi:Let‘s fight

Lisa&Other peoples:Come onzzzz!(WARNING)

1. Rescue Kenji W:Hot Dog

2. Rescue Kingsley W:Microphone

3. Rescue Ninjoy W:Shurekins

4. Find 1,000 coins

5. Defeat 8 Sauce Bottles

6. Find 5 Chicken Wings

7th area: Baseball Tickets

1. Rescue Utah W:Buffalo Shooter

2. Rescue Rico W:Chilli Bomb

3. Rescue Marty W:Guitar

4. Find 1,000 coins

5. Defeat 3 Baseballs

6. Find 10 Hotdogs

8th area: Ziff’s Airship I

1. Rescue Delivery Boy Roy W:Pizza

2. Rescue Foodini W:Card

3. Rescue Edna W:Orange Cakes

9th area: Xandra's Lair

1. Rescue Xolo W:X-Gun

2. Rescue Xandra W:X-Wand

3. Rescue Ivy W:Jewel Bomb

(UNUSED)10th area:Batterfield

1.Rescue Doan h W:Mint Shooter

2.Rescue Hugo W:DJ glasses

3.Rescue Tohru W:Sushi Boomerang

(UNUSED)11th area:Smoke Street

1.Rescue Quinn W:Spring

2.Rescue Boomer W:Flare Gun

3.Rescue Hank W:Pistol

4.Defeat 3 Chainsaw Onion

5.Find 3 Buffalo Shirmps

(UNUSED)12th area:Ziff's battership II

1.Rescue Papa Louie W:Pizza


Ziff:Noo!impossible!(His machine explode.)

Everyone:You Stink!

Ziff:Hahaha!I may be Back(Run away)

Tony/Mandi:Ziff is true rival.

Tony:Now everybody!Let‘s dance

Everyone except Tony:Hooray!

Narrator:This just they rescue the Everyone customer annd Tastyville’s story.Now,I must tell Tony’s girlfriend-Mandi i love her.