Yippy: i make people Suicide

Kingsley: You Can Be Like Kissing.

Big Pauly: Swag. Yolo.

-On The TV Room-

Georgito: -On TV- Enough! Silence! I can't take this shit no more. Now you've done talk about me enough, Boy! i'm tryin' to be peaceful but now it's time for Reggie to karatasize your ass!

Papa Louie: -On TV- Oh, Georgito, I heard of dreadlock, but shitlocks -laughing- That's not your hair, take that pile of shit off your head You...You go to far for a comedy man!

Georgito: -On TV- Oh You Quick, I'm Quicker, Watch My Feet.

Papa Louie: -On TV- Come On With It!

-At Hospital-

Nick: -crying like a baby-

Boomer: It's Okay.

Lucy: You're Enjoying Your Baby.

Boomer: Yes, Mom.

Akari: In Jail.

Foodini: -Laughing- My Partner is a emo grabing my style.

(One Year Later)

Boomer: Make Sure He Doesn't Poop Anyway Okay.

Akari & Tohru: Okay.

Boomer: Can You watch him, please, i have to go change.

Akari: Okay.

Tohru: Last Peice Of Bacon.

Tohru & Akari: Mine!

Nick: -throwing food on the bacon-

Tohru & Akari: Worse.

Boomer: is nick throwing food again?

Akari: i like someone.

Boomer: Can you watch him please, i have to go change again.

Akari: Again.

(Nick Fart In Hiroshino's Household)

Akari: Ahh, Seriously, His gas bombs Are gonna take this paint right off this house, you watch him.

Tohru: No, you.

-22 years-

Nick: imma teenager now.

Tohru: Aren't You Dress.

Akari: Come On, Nick, You'll be on time for school.

Nick: Okay, sis.

(Nick Start To Yawn)

Nick: i'm gonna Dress up.

-At High School-

Nick: Hi, greg.

Greg: Hi, Nick.

Nick: i'm so sorry i was late.

Greg: -Singing- These hoes are gods gifts like christmas i like em caramel skin, long hair, thick ass.

Nick: -Singing- I'm gonna Pop some tags and i gotta 20 dollars in my pocket, i'm...i'm hunting, looking for the come up, this is fucking awesome x2.

Cooper: What Is That Song, i can listen to that, Nick & Greg, Go to my office! NOW!

Nick & Greg: Okay!