Hugo: Hey, i work hard in 1 minutes collecting those.

Vicky: Squirt some.

Yippy: We can't see the movie until watching the episode.

Nick: -rescue scooter, willow & trishna- i rescued Scooter, Willow & Trishna.

Scooter: That's when you're rescuing me, Willow and Trishna.

Nick: Yeah.

Gremmie: Nick, you rock.

Maggie: Scooter, you rule.

Boomer: Freeze!

Trishna: You gotta be kidding me.

Willow: Who you.

Trishna: Me.

Willow: You.

Yippy: You Actually Love This Town, Be Cool.

Gian: So, is your name is pretty as your face.

Lisa: Ninjoy, Our phone counter has been full all night, we don't have time for being selfish that i need.

Ninjoy: Lisa, Where have you been.

Scooter: What is my name.

Peggy: Jackie.

Scooter: That's not my name.

Nevada: Scooter.

Scooter: That's My Name.

Georgito: Silence!

Roy: Nothing to fear with my powers i can stop anything in the world... just as long until the laser.

Scooter: Oh, I'm getting dizzy, Oh No! i'm gonna vomit. 

Georgito: Here's Come Scooter's Cheek Pops.

Skyler: Or She Got Burped Too.

Georgito: Here Comes Her Cheek Pops Are, Uh-oh, Here it comes, Oh.

(Scooter Vomits On Scooter's Rug)

Nick: Oh!

Skyler: It is a wrapper.

Peggy: Poor Baby.

Nick: Maybe she stand on her rug.

Cecilia: No, She got burp or in it.

(Scooter Vomits Scooter's Carpet)

Georgito: Yeah, She Burped.

(Scooter Vomits On Scooter's Rug Again)

Skyler: Mmm, Chocolate.

Willow: You Guys, BE QUIET!