Scooter: I believe what happens, a church was a warning to think precisely this, please leave us a drink and then leave.

Nick: What? 

Yippy: Concieted, wow, that's cool, you should do that and has about to getting money.

Scooter: Exactly.

Kayla: Whats Up Niggas?

Scooter: Excuse Me, i've been playing candy crush saga on facebook!

Kayla: Silence Monkey!

Scooter: There is no such thing as "Silence"!

Nick: Actually, it's a actual complaint.

Scooter: Do it what i say.

Quinn: That was nice.

Ivy: Yeah!

Scooter: Can i smoke some cigerettes.

Quinn: No.

Ivy: Put the smoke down?

Scooter: Then what should we do next.

Utah: i will think this is way more AWESOME, one shot to go -sneezing- at least at the plot twist, goddamnit junior!!!

Radley Madish: Freeze!!!

Scooter: Way to go.

Radley Madish: Wow, you've got all of your stuff that covers your private conversations, and you're having a fire conversations, but, interviews are like confessions, get the fruit up out your dressing room, confusing you with questions like.

Scooter: While i give myself a plan. 

Quinn: Okay.