Ninjoy: So it's there's a way to get.

Ivy: All righty, here's the proof.

Scooter: y'know what...keep calm and get your swag on.

Ninjoy: You do care about being environment.

Greg: You guys, do you not talk about it, you getting money?

Scooter: -angry- How? this is how you, you didn't listen to me after i warned you, which i will, it kept if is you did listen, our days has been full all night, we don't have time for even put up with people who are even gonna insinuate that we do that sorta crap, That's disgusting!

Greg: Calm yourselves down.

Scooter: -angry- So, you and the teens behind the camera are not idiots, and i let them see how disgusting i think they are, you 2 get rid of these dirty things so get it out of here before it's starts to smell in my house, hurry up! just run take it out, take it out, right now or i'll make it up to myself! 

Akari: What are you talking about.

Scooter: Crap?

Tohru: That's not nice at all.

Sasha: So what is this place.

Scooter: That's my house.

Rita: Who are you talking about too, i mean, what did i did when i just do know how to do it.

(Ninjoy & Ivy picks up dirty things in trash cans)

Scooter: Now i'm impressed.

Cecilia: So we're back!

Lisa: Our dreams coming true.

Trishna: What do we got here, we have so many problems.

Sasha: Our places comes back together as a team, for the last time, it is not cold in her house, now are you in. 

Scooter, Yippy, Trishna, Lisa, Cecilia, Rita, Ninjoy, Greg, Nick, Mitch, Akari, Tohru, Willow, & Ivy: Yes?

Marty, Alberto & Cooper: Freeze!

Scooter: So what are you thinking.

Sasha: I'm thinking, i know, we could do as a simple math.

Scooter: What?

Sasha: An simple math?

Alberto: We're here?

Marty: Yeah. 

Cooper: Hey guys, do you want some Rich Tea Cookies?

Scooter, Nick, Yippy, Greg, Mitch, Rita, Ivy, Ninjoy, Sasha, Akari, Tohru, Trishna, Willow, Lisa & Cecilia: Yes?

Utah & Clover: Sorry, i'm late.

Nick: Scooter, if every marriage you've get one chance to say "i need you to do this with me."?

Scooter: Okay, Nicky.

Nick: -kisses scooter- you missed me.

Scooter: -kisses nick- i missed you too.

Nick: Let's go to a restaurant.

-at the restaurant-

Scooter: What are you taking me.

Nick: For granted.

Jojo: Bonjour. 

Nick: Excuse Me.

Jojo: What do you want.

Nick: Can we get rice basicly.

Jojo: Yeah, rice coming right up.

(Jojo tells Pinch the orders to make some rice)

Chonny: Hi prock lady.

Lisa: Hi Chonny.

Chonny: How is your treatment

Lisa: Perfect!

-Destroy-: Everybody, Sit down!

Katniss: for else, i can't kill you.

Tohru: You little thief?

Katniss: Hey, that's mine.

(Tohru pulls and ruins Katniss' Dress)

Tohru: Oh, who's got it.

Katniss: Why, you little.

Tohru: Ha!

(The End)