Ninjoy: What if this one who is called, The smurfs goes wild

(Hank took Trishna to the hospital and starts to revive Trishna)

Hank: Trishna, Just breathe normally, your dreams will be enchanted so will be waiting for you.

Trishna: -breathes deeply-

Hank: There you go.

Kayla: She's starting to revive.

Rita: Trishna!

Doan: I know what to do, the dude comes by, not for you but today, i am not a sore loser.

Marty. Alberto & Cooper: SILENCE!!! WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!!!

Scooter: Don't steal thing, no good for stealing my clothes.

Clover: Hello.

Lisa: Bonjour.

Scooter: Ni hao.

Trishna: Konichiwa.

Akari: Howdy.

Kayla: Hola.

Scooter: Now what.

(The End)