(in her dream)

Willow: Where am I? Why am I in a gigantic cereal bowl? What's happening?

(Taylor comes in with a few bottles of wild onion sauce)

Taylor: Have this.

Willow: Taylor, how did you-- you're so big!

(Taylor squirts wild onion sauce at Willow)

Willow: Nonononononononononononoonononononononononononono! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Willow wakes up screaming)

Jojo: Willow I can hear you screaming in the hallway! It's 2:05 in the morning!

Willow: I had a bad dream that Taylor squirted wild onion sauce at me!

Jojo: Well this was just a dream.

Willow: OK. Can I sleep now?

Jojo: Night Willow

Willow: Night Jojo

(they both go to sleep)