Clover: Will there be a sequel of Cut The Rope?

Cecilia: I don't know. Let's ask Cooper.

Clover: Let's go to Cooper's house. He designed Cut The Rope.

(they go to Cooper's house. Cooper is massaging Prudence)

Prudence: Oh, yeah! This feels so good! I want more!

Cooper: OK, Prudence! (sprays whipped cream) (hears a knock)

(Cecilia opens door)

Cecilia: Is there a sequel of Cut The Rope?

Cooper: Yes, we do. We have Cut The Rope: Experiments.

Cecilia: You should call it Cut The Rope 2. When is Cut The Rope 2 coming out?

Cooper: 2014.

Cecilia: I'm not waiting that long!

Cooper: Well , you have to. Now, if you mind, can I go back to massaging Prudence?

Cecilia: Yes, you can. (Cecilia leaves)

Prudence: I want more, I want more!

(Leila comes in)

Leila: Can I play Cut The Rope 2?

Cooper: Sorry, this game isn't released yet.

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