A little message

OK, OMG this is my first time writing a high school series (besides my other one called "Seniors". If you don't know what that is, the first episode is "Cancer Crusaders". Well, um.. yeah, I am excited!! :D


Penny is a normal girl who's been home-schooled her whole life. When she moves from Montana to California, she meets new friends, old friends, a crush, and maybe an enemy?


Penny: ... Oh my gosh! Mom, Dad, are you serious? Because if you are joking this isn't funny!

Mom: Penny, of course we're serious why would we joke about something like this?

Penny: Oh my gosh, this si just to good to be true!

Dad: Well, it is true!

Penny: I can't believe we are actually moving to California! How is this even possible?! Wow!

Mom: Your father was offered a job as a sails representative for that area and this job could lead to an even bigger promotion

Penny: Oh my gosh! I am so excited! When do we leave?

Dad: Well, we already have a house, so as soon as we unpack

Penny: Oh my gosh! i can't wait to see Brandi again!!

  • flashback begins*

Penny: Brandie, do you have to go to Orange County Day? Why don't you just stay here and live in Montana with us!

Brandi: I'm so sorry, Pen Pen! (lol... what kind of nickname is that) I wish I could stay. I'm going to miss you so much!!

Penny: We're gonna talk on the phone every day, right?

Brandi: For sure! You're gonna have to come visit me Pen... I'm probably not going to fit in... they are sending me to some up tight school called "The Orange County Day" School. And plus they have the "day" in there, so it obviously means school is during the day!

Penny: Orange County Day? that shortens to OCD. Which stands for Obsesive Compulsive Disorder, as if they're obsesively compulsivly up-tight!

Brandi: You got that right! I'm not going to be glamarous enough!

Penny: Of course  you will be glamorous enough, Brandi! You'll fit in right away!

Brandi: You really think so?

Penny: Of course!

Brandi's Mom: Brandi, it's time to go

Brandi: Well, I guess this is it... Bye Penny!

Penny: Bye Brandi! You are my BFFL forever!

  • Flashback ends*

Mom: I thought you said she didn't answer your phone calls. And she didn't reply to your emails.

Penny: Well.. Yah, but maybe she is having a hard time and her computer and phone aren't working

Mom: Penny, don't you find that a bit odd? If she hasn't talk to you...

Penny: Mom, Really! Me and Brandi are BFFL, Best friends for life

Mom: OK.. *still a bit unsure*

Penny: So what school am I going to?

Dad: Well, the Orange County Day school seems like a very good school. They are very academically based which is good for you.

Penny: that's great! That's the school where Brandi goes to!This is the start of my new life!

Mom: When did your new life start at this age?

Penny: Since always mom! And it's going to be perfect

  • 2 days later*

Mom: *drives Penny to OCD*

  • They get there*

Penny: Wow this is school? It looks even bigger than I pictured!

Mom: Yeah it is pretty big... Oh honey, you look great!

Penny: Really?

Mom: Of course! You will right in with all the other girls.

Penny: Mom, I never even been to a really school before! Is Public school different from Home school?

Mom: Well, of course it is different honey, but you will be just fine! You read the student handbook, right?

Penny: Yeah.. twice. But they just seem so.... Uptight!

Mom: Don't worry about it love, I'm sure it won't be that bad

Penny: *sighs* OK, bye Mom!

Mom: Bye Penny! I'll pick you up at 3:00, OK?

Penny: Ok! bye mom! I love you!

Mom: Love you too *goes back home*

Penny: Wow! um...

  • shows a bunch of students talking and a crazy janitor passes by screaming*

Penny: I guess I'll just... go...

Random guy: hey nice dress!

Penny: Oh, thank you!

Random Guy: I wasn't serious *laughs*

Penny: Oh.. OK...? *leaves*

Penny: oh wait! I'm going the wrong way! I should be going to the office building... *leaves to the office*

Office Lady: hello, sweetheart what can I do for you?

penny: Oh.. i'm new here... my name is Penny.

Office Lady: Oh right, Penny, I have your papers right here. There's your map and your schedule, and here's your new student handbook. Because you might be late for your classes if you get lost.

Penny: OK thank you!

Office Lady: Oh and your locker number and combination is also written on your schedule. It's on the first floor

Penny: OK! Thanks so much!! *leaves with papers*

Penny: I wonder if Brandi is around...

Crazy Janitor: *goes super fast on the cleaning thing and bumps into Penny*

Penny: *drops papers* Ahh!

Crazy Janitor: SORRY! *leaves*

Random Guy: *laughs... yet again*

Penny: *sighs* oh great...

Rita: *comes* Uh hi... are you new here?

Penny: Is it that obvious? -_-'

Rita: Well... a little. But  hey, that's OK! I'm Rita!

Penny: Well, hello Rita! I'm Penny, But you can call me Pen Pen if you want to..

Rita: Well it's nice to meet you Penny! Do you need help with getting around to things?

Penny: Oh my gosh, yes please! What does all this even mean?! *shows her schedule*

Rita: *reads it* oh! Your locker is right next to me and my friend's!

Penny: Oh thank goodness!!

Rita: here, I'll show you.

  • they walk to their lockers*

Rita: So did you just move here or something?

Penny: yeah, from Montana. I was homeschooled

Rita: Oh, then I guess you never been in a really school before..

Penny:  No, I haven't

Rita: Don't worry. *walks to Mary* Penny, this is Mary! Mary, this is Penny, or morw commonly known as Pen Pen.

Penny: *walks up to Mary* Hey Mary!

Mary: Hey Penny! Are you new here?

Penny: Gosh... Well it IS that obvious... Yeah I am..

Mary: Well welcome to OCD! Where everyone is obsesive an compulsive

Penny: *in head* KNEW ITTTTTTTTTT

Mary: it's nice to meet you

Penny: Thanks it's nice to meet you too

Rita: Well Pen Pen, here is your locker right here! *points to the locker in the middle of Mary and Rita's*

Mary: So what's your first class?

Penny: *looks on paper* AP English with Mr. Georgito

Mary: Aesome! Me too!

Rita: Aw, you guys are lucky! I have Math with Miss asdfghjkl (lol.. awesome name) UGH!

Mary: *sarcasticlaly* Lucky you! *@ Penny* Miss asdfghjkl is kind of.... creepy

Rita: Uh, yah. She talks so quietly you can barely hear anything she says. And if you dare interrupt her she just stares at you for the whole class. Doesn't say ANYTHING! She just stares

Penny: *laughs* That sounds hillarious! So, when does class begin?

Rita: Well the bell rings at 9:00 which is.... in about 5 minutes.

Penny: OK, cool!

  • shows some guy talking to his friend*

Penny: *lovestruck* Who is HE!!

Rita: Ah.. I knew that one was coming... That's Alberto

Mary: He's captain of the football team and hotty extraordinaire. But don't waste your time, he's taken

Penny: *a bit said* Ah... Figured... *normal* Hey do you guys no someone name Bra-


Penny:..... barbie dolls? The toys?

Mary: No... the group. Yah.. that's their name.

Penny: Who's them? (bad grammer xD)

Rita: "Them" is Maggie and Mindy, couple of the meanest and most popular girls in school. They act nice sometimes but they are really cats in disguise.


Mary: *facepalm* No! Cats! As in "cat fight". You know, cats are dramtic

Penny: Ohhh.

Mary: *turns around* Aw fudge cakes... Here comes none other than the queen barbie doll herself.

  • everyone in the hallway turns around and gasp and some are even scared*
  • Shows BRANDI walking through the hallway*