This is the first Wheeler Family Craziness episode.

The episode

Olga: We're moving to Tastyville.

Yippy: YIPPY!!!!!!!!!

Gremmie: Why are you screaming your name?

Prudence: You're joking.

Olga: No, I am not joking.

Prudence: SAY WHAT NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Gremmie: We. Are. Moving. To. Tastyville.


Yippy: Yay!

Prudence: You know you're leaving your friends, right?

Yippy: I don't have friends. (Gulps) They said cookies are stupid! (Starts bawling) So that's why I'm glad we're moving.

Prudence: (softly) Oh.

Olga: So pack your stuff!

(after they moved)

Prudence: Woohoo. I'm the new girl. Now everybody's gonna stare at me.

Everybody: (stares at Prudence)

Prudence: (snaps) Quit staring, okay!

Guy: Produce.

Prudence: (speaks extra loudly so the guy can hear her) Wow. Apparently these dipwads can't keep their biz to themselves.

???: Nice courage.

Prudence: Thanks. I'm Produce-sorry, Prudence.

???: Penny.

Prudence: Tell me everything about this school.

(Penny tells Prudence everything about the school from her point of view, making it really funny)

Prudence: We're gonna get along great.