(In the toys store)

  • Clover, Sarge Fan!, Nick And The Quintuplets Asleep
  • The Quintuplets Awoken From There Sleep To Here Franco's Worry For The Spot Kids
  • Franco And Lisa Asleep Together

Hank: Zoe! You have to have a job! A part time job!

Zoe: But!

Hank: NO! Get your uniform and start working now!

Zoe: But dad! Mom! Dad forcing me to work here!

Kayla: Well it's for your own good! Here's your uniform! Go left and you'll see the changing room!

Zoe: I'll do a horrible job so I'll get fired!

Hank: Yeah right! Try and try to make yourself fired the more stricter Doan will get strict!

Zoe: Doan!? I thought he works in the library!

Hank: He got another job and his job is this!

Kayla: Alright honey bye!

Zoe: Bye!

(Kayla and Hank leaves and Zoe drops her uniform on the floor)

Sasha: Cousin! Why did you do that!?

Zoe: Oh my! My favorite cousins are here!

Sasha: Why did you do it!?

Zoe: Well I didn't really want to work here

Taylor: Are you crazy it's awesome working here! If you do a good job you'll get promoted and get 1 toy for free!


(Zoe screams AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! for 3 mins.)

Doan: Hello Zoe! It's not right to scream here! Please get your uniform and wear it! I'll assign you guys in a bit!

Zoe: Ok!

(after Zoe changes)

Zoe: Where's Prudence!?

Sasha: Are you crazy!? She is still working in Pancakeria!

Doan: Everyone please line up and I'll assign you!

Everybody except Doan: Ok!

Doan: Hmmm. Ah! Taylor,Sasha and Zoe you can try to introduce our toys!

Zoe: Sure!

(Taylor,Sasha and Zoe go upstairs to do their job)

Doan: Mindy,Nick and Tohru you can stay behind cashier counters 3,4 and 7!

Mindy: Sure!

(They leave)

(Doan assigns everybody and Lisa's left)

Lisa: What about me!?

Doan: You can wear this baby costume!

Lisa: Ok!

(Lisa wears the costume)

Lisa: Thanks Doan now I look like a baby! Wait! A BABY? NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!

All Children except Lisa: Hahahahaha!

(In Doan's mind)

Doan: Poor Lisa I made her embarrased! Hm to make it up to her I think I should make everybody wear it! Well except me and her!

(Doan stops thinking in his mind)

Doan: Excuse me everybody! You should all wear these baby outfits! Except me and Lisa!

Everybody except Lisa: AAAAAWWWWW!

Akari: Dad!! Allan's gonna go inside this store to buy presents! I don't wanna look bad!

Doan: Oh fine! Lisa remove your costume and give these flyers to the customers!

Lisa: Ok!

Doan: Time to open the store!

(Doan opens the the store and Yippy enters)

Yippy: Finally this toy store has open! Time to buy that cookie toy!

Peggy: Welcome to the toy store may I help you!?

Yippy: Peggy! Can you please tell me where you placed your cookie toys!?

Peggy: Sure! I'll guide you to the shelf!

(Olga enters and she looks super tired)

Doan: Mrs. Olga! What happened!? You look like you have been chased by a lion!

Olga: Yippy, was running! I tried to run as fast as I could!

Doan: Oh! We have a couch for you to rest on!

Olga: Thank you Doan! You are a generous man!

(Olga sits down and Yippy goes near her)

Yippy: Grandma Olga! I saw the toy cookie! Can we buy it!? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Olga: How much is it!? I'm not that rich you know!

Yippy: $140!

Olga: I'm sorry but we can't afford that!

Yippy: Awww!

Doan: Is it your birthday Yippy!?

Yippy: Yeah! It's unfair! I want the cookie toy!

Doan: It's ok Yippy! Since it's your birthday and Olga is paying...

Yippy: I want cookie toy!

Doan: Is paying for the toy....

Yippy: I miss my mama!

Doan: Mrs. Olga is an old person, you can have yor cookie toy for free!


Doan: Your welcome!

Yippy: YIPPY!

Peggy: Here you go birthday girl!

Yippy: Thanks!

Nick: Give me a cookie!

Akari: No! It's her birthday that means NO COOKIE BAKING TODAY!

Nick: Hey! You your not the boss of me!

Akari: I am!

Nick Your not!

Akari: I am!

Nick: YOUR NOT!!!!!

(Nick rips Akari's sleve)

Akari: Uh! OH NO YOU DIDN'T!

Nick: Oh yes I did!

(Akari removes his helmet)

Nick: DADDY!

Akari: Father!

(The 2 keep on fighting and Allan comes in)

Allan: Hey! Stop the fight!

Akari: Allan I'm sorry I...

Allan: It's ok Akari! I just hate fights

Doan: After this you guys are grounded

Nick: But dad!

Doan: Don't make me raise my voice Mister!

Akari: But dad! I got a date with Allan!

Doan: I've had enough! I want you to stop talking to each other from now on!

Akari: Sure!

Nick: Whatever dad!

Allan: Mr. Hirano?

Doan: Yes Allan what is it?

Allan: May I please have a date with your beautiful daughter Akari!?

Doan: Sure Allan! But not now! How about after she works?

Allan: Sounds great! Thank You Mr. Hirano!l

Doan: Your welcome Allan!

Akari: Thanks dad!

Doan: Your welcome honey!

Olga: Oh my! It's so hot here! I guess I need to buy a drink!

Doan: I know it's hot out there Mrs. Wheeler but I have some drinks here!

Olga: Oh thank you Doan!

(Doan gives Olga an apple juice and apple pie)

Olga: Thank you! How much!?

Doan: FREE! Because I know that your body can't survive in the heat!

Allan: Akari!? Can you lead me to the shelf with the books!?

Akari: Allan, this is a toy store not a library!

Doan: Akari! There are books in shelf #123-#266!

Akari: Oh!

Allan: May we go!?

Akari: Sure!

(Allan holds Akari's hand and Akari blushes)

Akari: So we passed the dolls then we need to go passed the wheel toys!

Allan: Wheel toys!?

Akari: Yeah the one with the....

(Akari trips on a toy car and Allan caught her)

Akari: Wheels

Allan: That was a close one huh!?

Akari: Yeah!

(Akari trys to kiss Allan)

Allan: Sorry Akari we can't kiss! Your father said that you have to finish your work!

Akari: Just one little kiss! Let's hide behind the shelfs!

Allan: I'm sorry but I don't lie!

Akari: Please! Let's do the accident again and you lean down and kiss me!

Allan: Well your father will understand because it was an accident but there are CCTV cameras here!

Akari: Really!?

(Akari looks at one of the CCTV cameras)

Doan: Akari! Don't try to kiss Allan in your shift!

Nick: Haha! Akari got in trouble! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Doan: Nick! No rafting for 1 week!

Nick: Dad!

Doan: Did I say 1 week I meant 2 weeks!

Nick: Aw man!

Akari: Just walk straight and you'll see the books!

Allan: Ok thanks! Bye!

Akari: Bye!

(Mitch enters the store)

Mitch: Hi Nick! Wanna go rafting!?

Nick: Aren't you supposed to work in Taco Mia!?

Mitch: Maggie's taking the shift!

Nick: Sure!

Doan: No! Sorry Mitch but Nick can't do rafting with you till next next week!

Mitch: Oh then what am I gonna do now!

(Mindy enters the store)

Mindy: Read with me!

Mitch: Read with you!?

Mindy: Our date!

Mitch: Oh yeah!

Mindy: Don't say you forgot!

Mitch: I didn't forget!

Mindy: Then why didn't you escourt me here!

Mitch: I was in a hurry to go here that's why I didn't escourt you here!

Mindy: Ok, I believe you! Come on! Let's read some books!

Mitch: Sure! (Mindy and Mitch go to the romantic book section)

Mindy: Oh Mitch! Isn't this romantic!

Mitch: Uh yeah!

Mindy: Look at this book!

Mitch: What is that book? I'm busy reading "How To Convince Your Co-Worker To Do Your Job"!

Mindy: Oh! You want to skip your shift huh!? Anyways the book is "How To Kiss Your Boyfriend In A Toystore"!

Mitch: Weird! Why would there be a book about that!?

Mindy: Uh.. First we get 1 giant book and kiss! Done!

Mitch: Uh why does it have to be written in a book if there are only 2 steps?

Mindy: Because the rest of the pages are the things you say after the kiss! Let's kiss!

(Mindy tries to kiss Mitch at the same time Mitch is trying to avoid Mindy from kissing him)

Mindy: What's wrong!? Don't say you found another girlfriend!

Mitch: NO! It's just kissing in a toy store!? Seriously that's crazy!

Mindy: Where else can we kiss!? Our date remember!? You said we can kiss!

Mitch: Yes I remember but this isn't where I'm acutally taking you!

Mindy: Where!?

Mitch: You have to go back in your house and change into formal clothes!

Mindy: SURE!

(Mindy goes to her house and changes)

Mitch: Few!

(Mitch goes down the stairs)

(Everyone except Olga, Mitch and Doan laugh)

Mitch: What!?

Lisa: We saw everything! In the CCTV Camera!

(Mitch blushes)

Taylor: It's ok Mitch we will not tell Mindy!

Micth: Thanks man!

Taylor: Your welcome man!

Mitch: Taylor I need your help!

Taylor: Why!?

Mitch: Can you help me!? I need your help to pick out what to wear on our date

Yippy: REALLY!?

Mitch: Yeah! Why!?


(All the teens and kids except Taylor and Mitch said "OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW")

Mitch: NO! I was asking Taylor what I should wear on my date with Mindy!


Olga: Yippy! Watch your manners!

Yippy: What!? I didn't know!

Gremmie: Yah right!

Yippy: It's TRUE!

(Yippy begins to frown and begins to cry)

Olga: GREMMIE! Watch your manners! It's your sister's birthday and your ruining it!

Gremmie: Really? It's her birthday!?

Olga: Of course it is!


Yippy: Grandma! They don't remember my birthday!!

Olga: It's ok Yippy!

Yippy: NO! IT'S NOT!

Olga: It is Yippy! They now remember your birthday!

(Yippy crys harder)

Olga: Doan please come here!

Doan: Yes Mrs. Wheeler!

Olga: Can you think of something that will make her stop crying!?

Doan: Sure Mrs. Olga!

(Yippy's friends comforted her except Nick)

Sasha: It's ok Yippy!

Yippy: It's not!

Doan: Yippy, please stop crying! I'll treat you! I'll buy ice cream!

Yippy: Ok

(Yippy starts to calm down and hugs Doan)

Yippy: Thank you!

Everyone: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

(Everyone Hears The Song "Mamãe Eu Quero" And Looked At The Enterence Door It Was The Spot Quintuplets They Entered The Store and Walked Up To Doan)

Hugo: Hugo!

Franco: Franco!

Rico: Rico!

Georgito: Georgito!

Kahuna: Kahuna!

All Five Quintuplets: Spot!

Doan: I Should Have Gussed

The Quintuplets: Hello Doan How Are You?

Doan: You Five Would'nt Know The Reason Alberto's Bulling Nick Would You?

Kahuna: Who?

Georgito: Us?

Rico: Why?

Franco: Why Alberto's Is Like Us The Tough Type

Hugo: And He's...Er...Mean And Mostly Scary

Nick: He Is A Bit Scary When I Look Up At Him When He's Angry

(Alberto, Marty and Cooper Come Inside Marching To Nick)

Nick: Oh no! I Gotta Hide!

(Doan Grabs Nick's Pants)

Doan: Oh No, You Are Not Gonna Hide

Marty, Alberto and Cooper: Looky Here It's Our Little Punching Bag

(Nick Shakes and Jumps In Akari's Arms)

Doan: Excuse me gentlemen but why are you bullying my son!?

Alberto: Cuz we want to man! Get out of our way! We have a punching bag to punch!

Doan: NO! I'm not gonna let you hurt my son!

Yippy: Yah!

Cooper: Aw! You little braidy brat! Stop talking!

(Yippy crys)

Sasha: Cooper! How could you say that to your girlfriend's sister!

Cooper: Uh..... Guys! A little help!?

Marty: Cuz he wants to! Nothing can stop us!

Alberto: Mr. Glass guy! Get out of our way or we'll have to hit you instead!

Doan: Fine! You are never gonna hit my son even if I'll get hit!

Alberto: This is a good guy! Let's get him!

Kahuna: Psst! Rico!

Rico: What!? I'm just beside you!

Kahuna: Do something! Your son is hurting an adult!

Rico: You sure!?

Hugo: Bro! You should! He was my favorite teacher when I was 17!

Rico: Uh...

Franco: You should! Your a parent! And parents can handle their children!

Rico: Uh... Alright!

Doan: Nick! RUN!!!!!!

Nick: Alright dad!

(Nick goes out of the store using the back door)

Alberto: It's time for the pain!

(Doan trys to run but Marty and Cooper blocked his way)

Peggy: COOPER!!!!!!

Cooper: What now!

Peggy: I'll tell mom if you'll do that!

Cooper: SO! WHO CARES!?

Peggy: I do! And so do Greg and Robby!

Cooper: Hey guys let's join my sister! And my brothers!

Peggy, Greg and Robby: NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Cooper: Let's hit the cowgirl sister!

Yippy: DON'T!

Olga: Yes! Don't!

Marty: Let's join those two!

Yippy: NOO!

Alberto: Anyone else!?

(Big Pauly enters)

Alberto: Ah! The big fat pepper guy!

Big Pauly: HEY! LET ME GO!


Alberto: Why should I!?

(Nick goes to Mindy's house)

(Nick knocks on the door)

Mindy: Hi Nick! What are you doing here!? I already asked Penny,Prudence and Sue to come here and help me choose my dress!



(MIndy: Phone rings, 3 Girls: Hello!?)

Mindy: Can you please go to the toy store!?

Penny: Sure!

Prudence: Mrs. Sue!? Toy Store please!

Sue: Sure!

Penny: Mindy! Why do we have to go there!?

Mindy: Just go there! QUICK!

Sue: Did I hear quick!? OK!

(After 1 min. The girls arrived in the toy store and enters)


Alberto: Yes Penny!?

Penny: What have you done to my father!?

(The girls begin to cry)

Alberto: Um... Nothing!

Penny: Nothing! Really! What kind of boyfriend are you! I want Timm back!

Alberto: Sorry!

Penny: Sorry!? That dosen't undo your actions! Just look at my father! With blood!


Cooper: Yes honey! I mean sweetie I mean Prudence!?

Prudence: You hit my only family!!!!!! Olga! Gremmie! And Yippy! On her birthday! My mom's in Starlight city!

Cooper: I I!

Prudence: How dare you!

Cooper: I'm sorry!

Marty: Haha! You guys got stoped! My mom's the only who can stop me!

Sue: Young man!

Marty: Mama!

Sue: You think you can beat up other people!

(Sue pinches Marty's ear)

Marty: Ouch!

(Everybody see that there was green wind cornering the 3 boys)

Yippy: Ouch! COOL!

Cooper: Hey guys! What happened!?

Prudence: You beat up these people!

Marty: Really!?

Penny: Yeah! My poor inocent father!

Alberto: PENNY!!!!!

Penny: Alberto!

(Alberto hugs and carries Penny)

Penny: Why did you guys beat up these people!

Marty: Well all we remember is that we were circled by green wind!

Sue: Green wind you say!?

Alberto: YEAH!

Prudence: I think this green wind was something to do with Professor Fitz!

(Professor Fitz enters)

Professor Fitz: Did anyone say my name!?

Marty: Yeah! We got mean somehow!

Professor Fitz: I see! You 3 went to my lab!

Sue: You 3! You shouldn't go there! Your parents didn't agree from your question!

Professor Fitz: Then I worked on a good spray but it turned out to be a mean spray!

Cooper: And I guessed we smelled it!

Professor Fitz: Yup! I think I should make a cure spray!

(Professor Fitz sprays the cure spray on them)

Yippy: Yippy! I'm better!

Doan: All non-workers please exit the toy store! It's time for closing time!

Quin: Yeah!

Sarge Fan!: Mom when did you get here!?

Quin: Back door!

Sarge Fan!: I went in when they were about to beat up Doan!

Quin: Alright Joey! Let's go to the baby section! I'll buy that Gummy Onion Pillow!

Clover: Hi Sarge Fan!

Sarge Fan!: Hi Beautiful! I mean Clover!

Quin: Let's go!

Sarge Fan!: MOM!

Quin: Why do you like her!?

(Sarge Fan! blushes)

Sarge Fan!: No!

Clover: Really!?

(Clover starts to have tears)

Sarge Fan!: I do mom!

Clover: Seriously?

Sarge Fan!: Well yeah!

Clover: I love Papa's Freezeria! In Papa's Freezeria, I got to show my new hair!

Sarge Fan!: I noticed!

Clover: I love all the toppings! I have a sweater I won in Burgerzilla!

Sarge Fan!: No way!

Clover: Yes way! It's a sarge sweater! Here! I won another one for you!

Sue: Come on Clover it's time to go home

Clover: Bye! I hope you like my present!

Sarge Fan!: Bye Clover! Thanks for the present!

(at the Toplaw-Jay household Sarge Fan! is shown in his pajamas getting ready for bed)

Sarge Fan!: I'm greatful that Clover gave me a present that involves Sarge

(Sarge Fan! turns off the lights and goes to sleep)

(at the Stone household Clover is shown in her pajamas getting ready for bed)

Clover: I'm surprise Sarge Fan! loved my gift I gave to him.

(Clover turns off the lights and goes to sleep, then it shows Nick asleep and The Spot Quintuplets are sleeping thereselfs)

(At the toy store)

Doan: Alright! All of you must help out in cleaning the toy store! Bye!

Tohru: Bye dad!

(After 1 minute the toy store started to shake)


(Lisa jumped into Taylor's arms)

Taylor: Ok...

Cecilia: It seems to be strong in shelf #9 where the soldier toys are!

(All the toy soldiers parachute down from the shelf)

Soldier 1: Everybody! FIGHT THEM!

Cecilia: Everybody! Run!

(Everybody try to exit the front door but it was blocked by the soldiers then tried the back door but it was still blocked by the soldiers)

Tohru: AAAHHH!

Nick: I got an idea! Get as many wepons as you can we are gonna fight them! They are too small for us!

(Everybody gets weapons)

Lisa: You can't defeat me with my weapon!

Peggy: Lisa! Your weapon is a pillow!

Lisa: Yeah! Wait what!?

Soldiers: ATTACK!

Tohru: Peggy!

Peggy: What!?

Tohru: Call My dad! I left my phone at home!

Peggy: Sure!

(Phone rings)

Doan: Hello!?

Peggy: Mr. Doan! Help! Toy soldiers are attacking us!

Xandra: Yeah!

Xolo: Yup!

Peggy: Since when did you get here!?

Xandra and Xolo: Long story!

Doan: That's crazy! Toy soldiers don't attack! Please call me for something important!

(Doan hangs up)

Peggy: I know! I'll send a photo or a video!

(Peggy sends the video to Doan)


(Back at the toy store)

Nick, Tohru and Akari: OYA OYA! Where's dad?

(Doan comes in)


Everyone exept Doan: YAY!!!

(At The Spot Family House Hold)

Franco: Rico!

Rico: What! I'm right beside you!

Franco: I have a feeling that our childen are in trouble!

Kahuna: So what!? I don't have a child!

Hugo: You do know that your assitant Chuck is there!

Kahuna: Oh! We gotta go to the toy store!

Georgito: How do we go there!?

Kahuna: Honey! Your device!

Wendy: Ok here! And stop making me you slave!

Kahuna: Sure honey!

(Kahuna kisses Wendy)

Hugo: Bye!

(The Spots end up inside the toy store)

Doan: Good thing your here! Help us fight these toys!

Lisa: But I like that doll!

Doan: I don't think it's safe to get that doll Lisa

Lisa: But I want it!

Rico: Lisa! Listen to Doan!

Lisa: Ok Uncles Kahuna, Georgrito, Rico and Hugo oh and Daddy

Franco: That's the first time you called me Daddy anyway GO CRUSH THOSE TOYS!


(Lisa kicks and punches some teddy bears, Franco chops the teddy bears with his ax after defeating all of the toys Wendy warps everyone to there rightful home and they all got in there pajamas and they all fell asleep at the spot family house hold Lisa went into her father and uncle's bedroom)

Lisa: Pssst Dad You Awake

Franco: I've Been Awake What Is It?

Lisa: Well I Want To Thank You For Helping Me and As Your Reward I'm Going To Keep You and Uncle's Kahuna, Georgito, Rico and Hugo Company.

Franco: Okay Get In

Lisa: Ok daddy!

(Lisa climbs in her father and uncles bed into her fathers side of the bed and goes to sleep then Franco goes to sleep.)

(Mindy knocks on the Jay's door)

Quin: Mindy! What are you doing so late and in a wonderful dress!?

Mindy: Oh, Mitch is gonna take me for a date 6 hours ago!

Quin: Oh! Let me call him! Mitch! Mindy's here!

(Mitch,Sarge Fan! and Chuck wake up)

Mitch: Oh no!

Chuck: What's the problem dude?

Mitch: I forgot about my date with Mindy!

Sarge Fan!: Well you better get ready fast! Or she's leaving!

(Sarge Fan! goes downstairs and goes near Quin)

Quin: Joey! What are you doing so late at night!?

Sarge Fan!: I have to tell Mindy that Mitch is still getting ready! He doesn't wanna ruin the date!

Mindy: Aw! Mitch is so nice! You too Sarge Fan!

Sarge Fan!: Hey Mindy! Can you ask Clover if she can go have a date with me tomorrow!?

Mindy: Sure!

(Mitch goes down)

Mitch: I'm ready for the date! Mindy: That took long!

Mitch: Yeah (scratches head)

Mindy: Where are we going?

Mitch: Uhhhhhhh......

Sarge Fan!: Starlight City!

Mitch: Yeah!

Mindy: Oh cool! Wait!

(Mindy calls Clover)

Mindy: CLOVER!

(Clover yawns)

Clover: Hi... So late at night!

Sarge Fan!: Clover? Hi

Clover: Joey?

Sarge Fan!: Call Me Maybe?

Clover: Sure!

Mindy: Alright bye Clover!

Clover: Ok

-To Be Continued-