Leaf Landing

Marty: Rita, Have We've Been Here Before?

Rita: Yeah, 10 Years Ago.


Marty: Uh-Oh, I Think Prudence Is In Trouble


Rita: And Taylor

Marty: OK Let's Split Up, Rita, Go And Save Taylor, I'll Go And Save Prudence

Rita: Let's Go

Marty: Don't Worry Prudence, I'll Rescue You

Rita: Don't Worry Taylor, I'll Rescue You

(Marty finds Prudence and Pickle in a cage)

Prudence: Thank You Marty, What Would I Do Without You

Marty: How Do We Get Out? (marty sees something hanging and jumps up and pulls on it and the cage goes up and prudence and pickle are free)

Prudence: thank you Marty

(a portal opens to the burgeria and the two and pickle jumps in and goes back to the burgeria, else were rita found taylor listening to his music)

Rita: Taylor!!!

(Taylor turns off his mp3 and looks at rita)

Taylor: Rita can you get me out of here so i can dance some more?

Rita: alright (sees something hanging and jumps up and pulls on it and frees taylor and the portal opens and goes back to the burgeria were marty and prudence were)

Prudence: thanks for rescuing us

Taylor: Yea, we totally appreciate it, however the other people customers are in cadges to, i also saw some of Sarge's baddie's carring Clover in a mysterious place before i got cadged, but it's gaurded by a large edible cracker.

to be coutinued