Chapter 1

NOTE:This series parodies What if notch died?  series.In the original,minecraft goes to chaos because notch got killed.The same happens here,only except it is more appropiate and there is no cussing.Also,anything mean said about them is jjust a joke.I don't hate them.they made the best flash games ever!Unfortunately,I will cover all 5 chapters and only I knnow how they end,so only I can edit.Feel free to add photos though.Best of luck!Sheep Army! (talk) 01:45, October 16, 2013 (UTC)Temporary Rainbow Dash

Tastyville Park

Cooper:* crying*

Alberto:Oh Cooper,what is wrong?

Cooper:Well,the other day,I was at the pizzeria,and these 2 guys walk up to me and they say...

Cooper:*imtating matts voice*duh,we are better than you because we made the gamerias and duh.

Alberto:Wow,those guys are complete jerks.Hey I got an idea!Lets destroy them!

Cooper:Good idea!

Narrator:However,those 2 boys don't know the huge,huge consequences if they do this.


Cooper:Alright,keep an eye out for matt and tony.These disguises should help.

Alberto:I think it is those 2 guys are them.

(Cooper and Alberto approach Matt and tony)

Cooper:Are you matt and tony?


Tony:And we invented the gamerias!

Alberto:It is them!Hit them!

(Cooper and Alberto try to hit them,but their punches go through them)

Matt and Tony:We invented the game,you can't harm us!

Cooper:*Random Chant*

(Matt and Tony disappear)

I will finish the rest tomorrow.