Wendy: So, time to relax!

"phone rings"

Wendy: Hello.

Ivy: Hello Wendy this is a problem we have a leaky roof please fix it.

Wendy: OK.

Ivy: i'm glad your here Wendy.

Ivy: it is somewhere at the roof's east side

Wendy: ok

*Wendy fixes roof*

Ivy: Thank you

*Wendy goes back to home*

*phone rings*

Wendy: Good morning

Prudence: Good morning Wendy! You need to fix dad's car, its oil is leaking!

Wendy: Alright.

Prudence: Hello can you take the car to the Greasy Gear Garage

Wendy: Alright

*Wendy sprays Leak Less on Prudence's car*

Wendy: Leak Less prevents cars from leaking.

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