(In Wendy's bad dream)

Wendy: I'm gonna fix some stuff.

(The people bring in 2^100 broken stuff)

Wendy: WAYYYYYYYYY TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Edna: Get my watch fixed!

Mary: My brushes are falling apart!

Greg: My tomato is rotten!

Everybody except Greg: ROTTEN TOMATO?

Greg: What? Oh fine! My tomato is broken!

Wendy: What ever

Prudence: Pickle's dog leash is broken

(Wendy wakes up)

Wendy: It's only a dream

(Kahuna Comes In)

Kahuna: What's Wrong Wendy Bendy

Wendy: I Had A Bad Dream Kahunie

Kahuna: About What?

Wendy: Everyone Brought There Broken Stuff All Of Theme

Kahuna: Owch Well Don't You Worry I'll Be There Yelling HEY PUNKS GET AWAY FROM MY WIFE SHE WORKED TO HARD!

Wendy: Thanks Sweetie (Kisses Kahuna)

The Endwor