Mordecai: Hi, whoever is reading this! Here are the antagonists: Mindy, Willow, and Xolo. Happy reading!

Scooter: 3...2...1...

(Ding Dong)

Scooter: I got it, I got it! (opens door) You're finally here! Come inside.

Akari and Maggie: We're gonna go change. (goes into bathroom)

5 minutes later...

Akari comes out in a banana print bikini with yellow frills and Maggie comes out in a taco print bikini and then they take out their pony bands.

Marty and Allan: Whoa. (wolf whistle)

Gremmie: (Wolf whistle)

Maggie: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Gremmie: Sorry. I-I'll go.

Maggie: Good. And-You can't date me! I'm your sister!

Marty: Ooooh.

Akari: Pool time!

Maggie: We'll be around back in the pool, okay?

Clover, Tohru and Scooter: Okay.

Scooter: Video game time! Who wants to play Guitar Hero?

???: I do!

Clover: Mordecai! Rigby! How did you get here? We didn't hear you come through the door!

Mordecai: It's a cartoon! Roll with it.

Rigby: She's right.

Scooter: What happened to your clothes?

Mordecai: We changed before we got here. Pool time!

They leave.

Scooter: Guitar Hero time! (gets game set up)

Clover: You got any ice cream?

Scooter: Actually, yeah. Lemme see. We have blueberry, tropical charms flavor, and I'm going rocky road!

With the antagonists...

Mindy: Little do they know we've put in a poison that makes them slightly overweight!

Willow: It was a brilliant idea, Mindy!

Xolo: What if Xandra catches us? She's not in with the plan.

Willow: Ah, but that's where you come in! You distract her with a few party tricks!

Xolo: Okay!

Back at the Matthew's...

Game: You rock!

Scooter, Tohru and Clover: Yes! (they start dancing) We beat Tom Morello! We're Guitar Heroes! Whew, whew, whew.

Clover: I never knew being fat and lazy could be so rewarding!

Tohru: Um, we're not fat.

Clover: I know. But it feels like it, you know?

Scooter: Yeah. Impression time!

Tohru: I'll go first! (Holds hair up) I'm Radley Madish! And I'll never rule the Flipverse because I'm such a tool!

Scooter: HA! My turn! (pushes hat over eyes) I'm Sarge Fan! And I'm a dork because I like onions! I've also got this really annoying voice that Clover thinks is attractive!

Clover: Haha! Okay, my turn! My turn! (brushes hair down) I'm Willow! A sad goth who works at the cupcakeria because I ruined the back of Roy's car!

Tohru: It'd be better if Trishna were here.

Trishna: I am here!

Clover: How did you get here so quickly?

Mordecai: (opens back door and facepalms) Again, it's a cartoon! Roll with it.

Rigby: Again, she's right.

Trishna: Mind if I join in?

Scooter: Nah.

Trishna: Good.

Scooter: There's some orange flavored ice cream in the freezer.

Trishna: Okay. Playing Guitar Hero? Lemme show you mah skillz. Expert... play show... Slow Ride!


Game: You rock!

Clover: Whoa, wha? You're awesome!

Trishna: Mordo taught me, remember?

Tohru: Oh, yeah.

Trishna: I'll make an impression! (unclips hair clip and sweeps hair to side) I'm Peggy! And I was tricked into working at the Hot Doggeria because I wanted to see the ball game!

Scooter: HAHA! Wanna see who can get the heaviest?

Tohru: I do!

Trishna: Alright one, two, three go!

They start eating their ice cream.

One split second later...

Trishna: (is fine) What's up with you?

Tohru: So... heavy...

Scooter: Let's... check our weight.

Clover: Fine. (they all get up slowly except Trishna)

Scooter: 90 pounds!

Tohru: 84 pounds!

Clover: 99 pounds!

Trishna: 110 pounds! 

Scooter: Trishna wins!

Clover: How heavy is Mordo?

Trishna: 300 pounds, if I'm correct.

Mordecai: (opens back door) No, 290... tops.

Scooter: How can you be so heavy and not obese at the same time?

Mordecai: I don't really know.

Back with the antagonists...

Willow: They're using it to their advantage!

Mindy: Alright, plan B. We lead them to Ninjoy!

Xolo: Ninjoy quit, remember?

Willow: Oh, right.

Xolo: How about-

Xandra: How about you stop? I've heard everything! I'm going over there and telling them!

Back at Matthew's...

Trishna: I'd like it if Xandra were here.

Xandra: I am here! Mindy, Willow and Xolo put in a poison that makes you slightly overweight! In the ice cream!

Clover: That explains why we got heavy so quickly.

Xandra: Mind if I join in?

Scooter: Not at all!

Xandra: I brought my own ice cream! Flavor X! (puts in weight poison) Omnomnom!

One split second later...

Trishna: Whoa. Lemme see if I can lift you up. Nyaaaaah... GASP! I can't do it!

Xandra: I'll make an impression! (brushes hair down) I'm Quinn! A cranky old laywer with no ability to make friends!

Trishna: Haha!

Scooter: Is it over?

Trishna: Not until Mordecai says so.

Mordecai: Now it's over.