Mordecai: Hey, uncle Brian! Wanna have a video game competition?

Brian: Sure, Mordie! Guitar Hero?

Mordecai: You just read my mind. Let's go!

They invite all of Team Dusty to come see.

Trishna: Sweet! Mordo vs. Brian!

Eileen: Oh, this is gonna be so freakin' rad!

Mordecai: Raining Blood! I'm going Expert!

Sparky: Oh, no bleeping way!

Rain: You literally said bleep.

Sparky: I know! Still, no bleeping way!

Snowflake: (kisses Sparky)

Sparky: Woah. Again? Sweet!

Mordecai: I choose the mighty!

Brian: Okay! Let's do this!

They choose Raining Blood, Mordecai goes Expert and Brian goes Easy.

Game: Player 1 rocks!

Brian: Aww! You beat me, Mordie! Let's keep going!

Mordecai: Rock You Like A Hurricane! Expert!


Game: Player 1 rocks!

Mordecai: Whoooo!

Brian: Aww, Mordie! How'd you get so good?

Mordecai: I don't really know.

Brian: How about we take this to an arcade?

Mordecai: Yeah!

They go to an arcade.

Mordecai: Look! I'm literally the fruit ninja!

Brian: Mordie, you are on fire!

Trishna: Look at me!

Dusty: Look at Trishna with Cut The Rope! She is on fire!

Snowflake: Bam! I beat you again, Sparky!

Sparky: Aww! How'd you get so good at air hockey?

Izzy: Man, we are on fire today!

Owen: Yep!

Rigby: Oh, this is so freakin' rad!

???: What are you doing?

Mordecai: Playing arcade games. Who are you?

???: I'm Shibaan.

Rigby: Sis!

Shibaan: Rigbone!

Mordecai: (stifled laughter) She calls you Rigbone?

Rigby: Of course! She's my sister!

Shibaan: Anyway, I popped the balloon thing!

Mordecai: Nice! I set the high score for Fruit Ninja, nine billion points!

Shibaan: COOOOOOL!!!!! Let's go have a guitar battle! Race you!

Mordecai: You can't outrun me! We both have short legs!

They run off.

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