Cori: Bedtime for you Utah Mariah Razburg.

Utah: Goodnight, Mom.
  • Utah Waking Up
  • Cori Comforting Utah

Utah falls asleep. In her bad dream-

Cori: I'm gonna take you to Joy's.

Utah: No way mom!!! SHE WAS ARRESTED SEVERAL TIMES!!!!! What if she done something to me like fight me or abuse me. I would rather eat Brussels sprouts.

Cori: sorry I have to sail with Papa Louie.

Utah: But........Ummm...can I sail with you?

Cori: Sorry, it's dangerous!

Utah: Fineehhh!!

Cori drives Utah to Ninjoy's. Xandra is with her. Beside her is a very worn out and shaking Sasha.

Ninjoy: Hello their cousin. You're gonna have some fun just like your good friend Sasha.

Xandra: You'll love our craft. Come in the house.

Ninjoy: I love it without my parents. I have no dad and my mom is on her way to prison again!


Utah: so ummmmmmmmm.....what are we doing?

Xandra: You will see.So Ninjoy wats our plan?

Ninjoy: Rob a bank!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

Sasha and Utah: Their gonna rob the bank!!! SOMEONE CALL HANK OR ANOTHER POLICE!!!! HELP!

Ninjoy: You are not getting away with that. Xandra, handle these two freaks.

Xandra: Gotcha now.

Ninjoy: Behave like a robber and we won't torture you. Anyways go to bed. Utah and Sasha slept in Ninjoys mom's bed.

Utah: I can't sleep.

Sasha: Neither can I.

Utah and Sasha spyed at Ninjoy and Xandra's room. They were sound asleep.

Utah: I bet they are having a good time dreaming about being top villains in Tastyville.

Sasha: You are right. I would hate that.

Sasha and Utah walked to the dining room.

Ninjoy: Go to bed!!!!!!

Xandra: Heeee!!

Utah and Sasha: AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I thought yall were sleeping.

Xandra: Oh, those were dummies, models of us in our room.

Ninjoy: Yep!

Ninjoy: Lets rob.....

Ninjoy grabs Utah while Xandra grabs Sasha.

They crept towards the city bank.

But when they got to the door, they found an angry Hank.

Hank: What are you doing with 2 kids and why are you out so late?

Ninjoy: Um..........

Hank: Lemme ask the kids.

Utah and Sasha: They were gonna rob this bank!!!!!

Hank: You 2 are arrested and I will send you back home.

As soon as Hank calls another police to take care of the evils, Hank throws a knife at Sasha and Utah.

Utah: Hank!! Why?!

Utah finds a dead Sasha beside her with the knife in her heart. Hank gets a rifle and pointed it to Utah. It went of and Utah screamed.

The bullets hit her and she died.

Utah wakes up breathing hardly!

Utah: Mom! Mom? Mommy!

(Cori Rushes Into Utah's Bedroom In Her Pj's)

Cori: What's Wrong Utah?

Utah: I Had A Very Bad Dream!

Cori: Tell Me About The Bad Dream.

Utah: You Dropped Me Off At Cousin Ninjoy's House So You Can Go Sailing With Papa Louie And I Did Not Go Becuses It Was Dangerous And Ninjoy and Xandra Kidnapped Sasha Then We Call Hank Then He Arrested Ninjoy And Xandra Then Hank Threw A Knife At Sasha and she died and then he got out a machinegun and killed me!

Cori: Now Hank Arresting Ninjoy and Xandra Is Normal But Hank Throwing A Knife At His Own Neice It's Just Devastated Plus Dr Clair Will Really Kill Hank If He Kills Her Baby.

(Cori Puts Her Right Hand On Utah's Head And Her Left Hand On Her Elbow)

Cori: It Will Be Ok Now Utah You Can Go Back To Sleep.

(Utah Lays Down)

Utah: Now I Can Break Into Greg's Dream Into Marring Him.

Cori: Have A Good Journey Utah Love You.

(Utah Falls Asleep And Cori Leaves Her Bedroom And Turns Off The Lights)

(dream continues)

Utah and Sasha's Ghosts : Where are we?

Father of the Time : Welcome to my dimension.

Utah's ghost : Hi, Mr Time!

Father of the Time : Do you need my help.

Utah's ghost : We need to get us back to life.

Father of the Time : The revival will take 2 minutes.

Sasha's ghost : That is fine by me.

(meanwhile in Tastyville)

Hank : I must have done an accident like when Professor Fitz accidentally ran over my pet dog Alsatian, Doughnut, when backing his car out of the driveway!

(flashback begins)

Professor Fitz (driving his car) : Now I really need to back it out of the drivewa...

(squeaking noise is heard)

Professor Fitz : Was that Hank's skateboard.

(accelerates car backwards and stops car)

Professor Fitz : Oh no! I accidentally ran over the dog! Better tell Hank!

(flashback ends)

Hank : Now I have 3 dogs and their all alsatians

(in father of the time's dimension)

Father of the Time : OK! Utah Razburg and Sasha Kay it is time to revive you!

Utah and Sasha's ghosts : OK! Here we go!

(Utah and Sasha are back in the real world all fine)

Utah : We're back in our normal selves.

Sasha : So Uncle Hank! Did you arrest the ninja villain.

Hank : Yes.

Utah : That's so good!

Greg : Hi Utah.

Chuck : Hi Sasha.

Utah and Sasha : We have got you tickets to see the Rich Lifestyle of Georgito's Movie See Spot Run.

Greg and Chuck : That's so cool.

Captain Cori : Hi Utah, how was your day?

Utah : Fine thank you.

(dream ends)

Utah : My dream has gone from ZERO (scary) to HERO (joyful)

The End