(in her dream)

Trishna: I want 2 cupcakes, swirl liner, vanilla cake and frosting, sprinkles, and cherries!

Willow: Okay.

(in the kitchen)

Willow: Trishna hates teal frosting, dark blue frosting and rainbow drizzle, so i will add them to her cupcake.

(makes 2 cupcakes, blueberry batter and not even baked, teal and dark blue frosting, rainbow drizzle, and gives it to Trishna)

Willow: Here you go.

Trishna: What is this? A raw cupcake with the wrong stuff?

Willow: But... i can explain...

Trishna: YOU'RE STUPID! (throws the raw cupcakes at Willow)

Willow: I gotta take a shower...

Trishna: I'm going home.

(goes outside)

All the employees: We'll put lots of icing and drizzle all over Trishna

Trishna: NO!!!

(they spread icing all over Trishna and she gets drizzled on)

Trishna: Great, now I have to take a shower too.

(goes back to her apartment and takes a shower)

Trishna: What a bad service...

(wakes up screaming)

Willow: What do you want? It's 5:30 in the morning!

Trishna: I had a bad dream where you gave me the wrong cupcakes and the employees spread icing all over me!

Willow: You can sleep with me.

Trishna: Okay, good night

The End