(in the wingeria)

Tohru: I order: 4 medium boneless wings, 2 wild onion wings, 2 garlic wings, 8 green peppers.

Mandi: Tohru hates parmesan so I will add parmesan. (fries wings and adds parmesan sauce and cheese cubes)

Tohru: Why did you give me this? You know I don't like parmesan cheese!

Mandi: But...


Mandi: I can explain...

Tohru: LET'S GO SLAP SOME COMMON SENSE INTO YOU, MANDI! (throws order at Mandi)

Mandi: I was expecting more than...

Tohru: I'M CALLING QUINN!!!!! (calls Quinn)

Quinn: What happened Tohru?

Tohru: Mandi gave me parmesan wings! She is very rude and unprofessional!

Quinn: Mandi, go to court!

Mandi: Noooooooooo!

Quinn: Wait! Can I have 3 honey mustard wings and 9 carrots with 3 ranch dips?

Mandi: (scared) OK Quinn.

Quinn: Thanks for my order. Now go to court!

(in court)

Quinn: Mandi, why did you give Tohru the wrong order?

Mandi: I did that because she hated parmesan!

Quinn: Mandi, you have to give the right orders! Stay in court!

(while Mandi is in court, a custom worker named Angie takes over her job)

Tohru: Mandi was very rude and unprofessional.

Angie: I heard that. I'll give you what I know you like: 2 wild onion wings, 2 garlic wings, 4 medium boneless wings and 8 green peppers.

Tohru: Thank you Angie.

Tohru's fake order: 4 parmesan wings (all around), 4 parmesan boneless wings (all around), 8 cheese cubes, 4 kung pao dips (please post a picture)