TImm:Im so excited!After 2 years of training,I will finally win the worlds most biggest dancing competition!

Judge:Time for the results!


Judge:In third place we have Sarge Fan!

Sarge Fan!:Yay!

Judge:In second place we have Mary!

Mary:The kids will be so proud!

Judge:And in first place we have....

Timm: ME!!!!!!!!!!

Judge: TIMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Timm: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when Disco Plumms arrive with their boss: Sugarplumm DJ

Judge:oh no. the Disco Plumms attack the center!

Timm, Mary and Sarge Fan!:Ahhhh!!!!


3 customers defeated, they are Sarge Fan, Mary, Timm

Sugarplumm DJ:now the center is mine. and Luau LePunch will have me a present!

Luau LePunch:congratulations, you will be king of the center and take your Sugarplumm guards!

Sugarplumm DJ:thanks.

Timm wakes up.

Timm: *deep breathe* It was just a dream.

*Timm walks out of hi room, and eats his breakfast*

Cecillia: What happened honey?

Timm: I had a bad dream.

Cecillia: What was it about?

Timm: I won the world's biggest dancing competition, but Disco Plumms and Sugarplumm DJs attacked the podium customers.

Cecillia: It's okay honey.

*at the lunchbreak time*

Timm: I am hungry. What did you cook?

Cecillia: I cooked some beef soup.

Timm: Yum.

*Timm eats the soup*

Cecillia: I'll go to work, bye honey!

Timm: Bye!

*at night*

Timm: Let's sleep

Cecilia: Okay honey