Dark Force Base

1:35 pm

Xandra:That's your new plan to take over tastyville?


Xolo:I like it.

Xandra:Then it's settled.

(The dark force base explodes)

Xandra:What just happened?!

Xolo:I have no idea.

????:I do.

(Xandra,Xolo and NInjoy turn around to see Rico)

Xolo:Why did you blow up our base?!

Rico:Because im destroying all of the worlds restaurants and you had a hidden cafe there!


Rico:Not listening!

(Rico runs away)

Xandra:Now what are we gonna do?

Gian : I don't know!

Ninjoy : What did you do, Gian

(A newspaper lands on Xolo)

Xolo:Huh.The kid brigade and teen brigade have joined forces and are going to try to stop rico.

Ninjoy:Then let's join them.

Time for the real story.

Tween brigade meeting

4:51 pm

Roy:Is everyone here?

Nick:I think so.

Roy:All right,what did everyone bring?

Cooper:I brought my "so-many water in my water pistol"


Prudence:A bazooka.

Zoe:Really hot sauce

Roy:Excellent!We'll be able to stop Rico!

Nick:No we can't.

Roy:How come?

NIck:Because all of the worlds restaurants are gone.Only Papas freezeria,Pancakeria,And the wingeria remain and after that, Rico is blowing up the convenient store and all of the food factories except the chilli one then hill rip up the building blueprints and its copies and its pens and throw away their sticky tape and the ink and its blueprints and its copies and all of the pens.

Everyone except Nick:*gasp*

Yippy:Who's gonna help us?!

????:We will.

(Everyone turns around to see Xolo,Xandra,and NInjoy)

Peggy:Xolo,Xandra,and NInjoy!

Cooper:What are you doing here?

Xolo:We want to join you.

Roy:What makes you think you can join us?

Ninjoy:We'll stop to try take over tastyville if you let us join you and rename the tween brigade to the dark brigade.

Roy:Fine.We should have an advantage now!

(Lisa enters)

Roy:Lisa!You're late!

Lisa:I know!

To be continued........