The prankster

The title card for the episode(The reason it is dark and those white eyes appear is because it gives a stealthy approach to the prankster in my story)

Introductory note 

Hey guys!This is the first part of an episode in a new series I am starting called The adventures of detective Greg!This series follows Greg,the tomato loving boy,trying to solve mysteries along with his sidekicks Nick and Yippy.Enjoy for now and more episodes will come soon!-SERGEANT SHEEP

Gregs house

Greg:It was a normal day at the school.Everything was going fine until 2:35pm,things went wrong.

Greg:Oh hi!I am greg and I am a detective on the case.You see,at 2:35pm,a series of pranks wen't on in our school.

Greg:The first one happened in my every class of the day. When everyone,including the teacher,sat down,we were all drenched in water.All of our clothes were ruined.

Greg:The 2nd one was even worse.During gym,all the guys were pantsed.No one even saw anything.Not even when they looked back to see if the prankster was running.

Greg:The 3rd might have been the worse of them all.Someone switched the signs of the bathrooms around so if you thought walked into the girls restroom,then you walked in to the mens restroom.It was crazy.

Greg:That's why I,greg,along with my sidekicks Nick and Yippy,will figure this out.

Nick and Yippy:YEAH!

The next day

Greg:Today was a Saturday.The school was open for some reason.We took this opportunity to interrogate some of the suspects we had found guilty enough.

Greg:First was the gang of three,which consists of Alberto,Marty and Cooper.They are known for bullying us,so why not them?

Interrogation room(Really the principals office)

Yippy:Did you 3 do it?!

Marty:What makes you think we did it?

Cooper:Yeah,what does make you think we did it?!

Greg:Your notoriety of bad makes you a good enough suspect.

Alberto:We didn't do it,but I know someone who might have.

Greg,nick and yippy:WHO?!

Alberto:5 dollars from all 3 of you and I'll give some evidence.

(Greg,nick and yippy groan as they reach into their pockets and pull out $5)

Alberto:Excellent,we left some evidence near the cafeteria because we knew you punks would blame us.

Greg:This better be worth it.


Nick:I found the evidence!

Greg:What is it?

NIck:A USB drive.

Greg:Excellent.Yippy did you bring-

Yippy:Yes(Pulls out laptop(

(Greg puts in the USB drive in the laptop)

(A video of a masked individual walks into the classrooms and sets up water buckets hidden from sight on top of all the desks.It then cuts to the scene in gym where a long pole somehow pantses everyone and disappears before anyone can turn around.It finally cuts to where the signs in the bathroom were switched before the video fades).

Greg;Who was it?

To be continued...........