The stone family lived in a apartment Level 4a

Clover was putting her mascara on

Sue:I have bad news the elevator is broken

Clover:Elevator broken? it was working yesterday

Sue:There has been a bug with the level buttons

She went out and saw it a out of order sign

She tells Marty and Maggie

Clover:The elevator's broken

Marty:I know

Clover:The elevator's broken

Maggie:I know

Clover:So how are we going to go on a diffrent level

Maggie:Use the stairs

Clover:Sasha's coming over and she dosen't know about it

Clover gets out her mobile phone to phone sasha

Sasha:Im coming clover

Clover:Just need to tell you that the elevator is broken so you will have to use the stairs


Call ends

Sue:you need to deliver this parcel to level 3a


Clover Saw sasha on the way

Sasha:I'll help you with that

Clover:It goes to level 3a

The  was elevator broken so they went down the stairs

They arrived

Knock Kncok

Mary:Some body's at the door and i'll get it

Clover:Your parcel was dropped off at 4a my apartment

Mary:Thanks Clover!

They go up the stairs back to clover's level

Clover:I heard all of them broke

Sasha: I hope they will be fixed soon

Sasha goes back to her apartment at 2c

Clover:Bye!See ya soon