Clover: Marty, I am hosting a whipped cream party.

Marty: Why? That is a weird idea.

Clover: Because I am addicted! (eats whipped cream)

Marty: OK. When?

Clover: Tomorrow at 10:00 PM.

Marty: OK. What about?

Clover: There will be games like whipped cream bungee jumping, and I will be adding computers to play with!

Marty: OK. It is an interesting idea.

Clover: I will be inviting Cecilia, Kayla, Lisa, Mandi, Cooper, Sarge Fan, Tohru, Akari, Peggy, Greg, Mitch, Alberto, Rita, Penny, and more than 20 people!

(the next night)

(Cecilia playing Cat Planet)

Lisa: Why are you playing this boring game? Let's do bungee!

(Cecilia grabs rope, and jumps into whipped cream pool)

Clover: Kayla, lay down and just relax. (sprays whipped cream)

Kayla: What is this? This feels so smooth and silky! (tries it) Is this whipped cream?

Cooper: (plays Papa's Taco Mia!) "New Customer Unlocked: Cooper". I unlocked myself...?

Connor: (playing in a court covered with cream) I am playing basketball with cream! This is better than playing the regular way!

Mitch: This is the BEST PARTY EVER!

Clover: Thanks, Mitch!

Mitch: Sure thing, dude!

Clover: Hey, Mitch! Is Sarge Fan! coming?

Mitch: I'm not sure, he is more interested with Sarge and blueberries.

Clover: Oh.

(Sarge Fan comes in with lots of whipped cream)

Clover: You came!!!!!!!!!

Sarge Fan!: Yeah! Let's get this party started!!!! With some whipped cream!

Everybody: YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!

Marty: Clover? Do you need, uh,some music?

Clover: Like, yeah! What kind of party doesn't have music?

Marty: Book reading party?!

Clover: Uh, they play relaxing music! Just play us a song!

Marty: OK!

????: Cecilia!!!

??????: Lisa!!!

(Everyone and Cecilia sees Rico and Franco angry and tapping their feet)