Clover : Hi, Lisa. What have you got here

Lisa : A weight

(Lisa reveals a weight)

Clover : What size

Lisa : XXL

Clover : Oh, by jove, I thought they stopped selling those

Lisa : You thought wrong

Clover : Umm

Lisa : No offense, Clover

Clover : That's OK, Can you get ME an XXL weight!

Lisa : I'll ask my papi, Franco, then. You can have my weight if you can

Clover : Now it is all

(the screen begins tilt over and clover and lisa begin to fall)

Clover : mmmmmiiiinnnneeee!

(they crash into the pizzeria)

Clover : (angrily) Oh, nice one, Lisa!

Lisa : Don't be angry at me!

Clover : You're the one with all the weights

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