(Marty takes Clover to Tastyville library)

Clover: Can I use the computers?

Marty: Yes you can.

(Clover goes up to computer and tries to make a reservation)

Clover: "Not available until 4:35 PM"? What? (goes to another computer)

Clover: "Out of service"? What is happening? (goes to another computer)

Clover: "Reserved - 3:31 PM"? What is wrong with the computers lately?

(keeps going to all the computers, until she finds one that works)

Clover: This one works! (clicks "Available") What? I need a library card? Marty, can I get a library card?

Marty: (to Lisa) Can clover get a library card?

Lisa: What are the last 4 digits of your phone number?

Marty: 1234.

Lisa: OK! Here's one for you, and here's one for Clover.

Marty: OK! (Marty gives Clover her library card. Clover types in her number and last name)

Clover: "Computer Use Policy"? OK, I'll accept. What? 15 minutes only? I want to use it longer!

(10 minutes later)

Clover: Lisa, can I have more computer time?

Lisa: I can extend your reservation by 10 or 30 minutes.

Clover: OK, 30 minutes!

(Clover goes up to her computer)

Clover: "Your session has been extended by 30 minutes". OK!

(25 minutes later)

Clover: Lisa, can I extend my time again?

Lisa: Sorry, you can only extend your time once. After that, NO MORE EXTENSIONS! YOU UNDERSTAND?

Clover: OK! OK!

(Clover comes up to her computer)

Clover: "Your session will end in 30 seconds". What the heck? My session will end? Oh no! My work will be lost! (gets a CD and saves the work on it, until a power outage happens. A scary video appears on the computer)

Clover: AAHHHHHH!!!!! Lisa, a scary video appeared on the computers!

Lisa: Just give me some time to figure this out. (changes the settings on PC Reservation. The video disappears, and it goes back to the PC Reservation screen. A link appears that says "Click if your session was interrupted")

Clover: (logs back on) I can still save my work! I still have 15 seconds! (saves the work, then leaves the computer)

Notes: Lisa is the librarian of Tastyville library.