When A Super Storm Comes And Tears Down Most Of Tastyville Including Some Of The Houses The Intire Town Goes To The Eureka's House For Protection Becuses James Built A Flood Defenses Door To Protect There House. While The Grown-Ups and The Teens Were All Asleep, The Kid Brigade Goes Looking For Pickle And Other Stuff In The Storm's Water (and the Romanos).


(Cooper Is Fast Asleep With Cookie When He Hears A Knock On The Door)

Cooper: Waking Me Up At 1:52 In The Morning

(Cooper (In His Bathrob) Opens The Door)

Kingsley: Uh Hello There Cooper

Cooper: Ah Wha Are You From Celeberty's Match-Up? Uh My Ma Goes With The Show's Host Nice Lugage Though What Is That Gold With Platinum Buttons?

Greg: The Kay's Come On In, Part Of There House Got Destroyed By The Storm And I Invited Theme To Come Stay With Us

Cooper: What Do I Look Like Ma? Alright Get In Here

(The Kay's Enters The Eureka's House And Cooper Closes The Door Until It Opened Again)

Quinn: Mr Eureka!

Cooper: The Jay's Ugh Get In Here

(The Jay's Enters The Eureka's House And Cooper Closes The Door)

Cooper: If Prudence Comes Here I Better Get Dressed Greg Keep An Eye On The Door

Greg: Ok Cooper

Cooper: And Make Sure Nobody Wakes Ma Up

Greg: Ok

(The Door Knocks And Greg Awnsers It)

Boomer: Hello There Greg

Greg: The Hiroshinos You Better Get In Here And Keep It Down Before You Wake Up The Whole Family

(The Hiroshinos, Razburgs, Wheelers, Stones, 'O' Rileys, And The Spots Comes In And Cooper Takes A Peek Out His Door All Dressed Up And Closes The Door)

Cooper: Now I Got Two Proplems.........One Proplem With All 8 Familes Waking Up The Rest Of The Family And Another With Impressing Prudie Wudie With A Bit Of Luck Everyone Must Of Fell Asleep

(Cooper Leaves His Bedroom When Cookie Wakes Up Elsewere Cooper Goes Into The Living Room To See The Intire Town In The Living Room)

Cooper: Oh Such Luck The Intire Towns Here HEY DO YOU ALL HAVE CURFEWS OR SOMETHING If Ma Sees Or Hears Everyone She'll Blow Up If She Sees Everyone In Her House....Wait A Sec Some Of The People Here Are Mom's Friends So She Won't Mind But If Grumpy Ol Uncle James Sees Everyone He'll Rout Theme Out But Mrs Razburg Is Here So He Won't Mind Neither Will Peggy Becuses Roy's Here

Robby: Cooper?

Cooper: Uh-Oh Robby

(Robby Comes Into The Living Room And Sees Everyone And Get's Angry With Cooper)

Robby: Cooper There's Like 100 People Here

Greg: Oh No Theres Let's See There's 50

Robby: Ok So Were Did All Of These 50 People Came From?

Greg: There Houses Were Destroyed And By Having Ma's Sweet Side I Called Every Grown-Up Pal Of Ma's

Kingsley: Then Kayla Called Me

Big Pauly: Then Kingsley Called Me

Skyler: Then I Called Tohru

Tohru: Then I Called Utah

Nick: Tohru Made Me

Robby: Well I'll Go Find Some Pillow's And Blankets Ok

Everyone Exept Robby, Cooper And Greg: Ok

(Robby Gets Out 50 Blankets And Pillows For The 54 People Then When Everyone (Who Were In There Pajamas) Fell Asleep Very Quickly)

Robby: Ok Men Let's Go Back To Our Beds

Cooper And Greg: Ok

(Robby, Cooper, Greg And Cookie Goes BacK To There Bedrooms And Fall Asleep In There Beds And Turns Off There Lights Then Mary Wakes Up Finding Timm In Her Bed Asleep And Screams)

Mary: Timm What Are You Doing Here?

Timm: The Storm Babe The Storm

(Mary Get's Out Of Bed And Into The Living Room To See The Whole Town In Her House)


(James Wakes Up And Runs Up To His Sister)

James: What Is It Twin Sister?

(Points At The Intire Town In Her Living Room)

James: Well I Didn't Call Theme All To Spend The Night. The Boys

(The Eureka Boys Wakes Up And Rushes Up To There Mother And Uncle)

The Three Boys: You Called Ma?

Mary: Question What's The Whole Town Doing Here? And Uh Fallow Up If I May Did I Gave You Permission To Let Mr Gruden Sleep In My Bed?

Greg: Because It Was Kinda Crowded In The Living Room So Mr Gruden Disided To Sleep With You

Mary: But He Can't Sleep With Me I'm Worried He Might Die Like Your Pervious Daddie's

Cooper: But You Barley Date Mr Gruden Please Ma Let These People Stay For The Night Until The Storm Blows Over Please?

Mary: Oh Alright But You Boys Are Fixing Everyone's Breakfast Tommorrow Morning

The Eureka Boys: OH THANK YOU MAMA

James: Oh Thank You Sissy

(The Eureka Boys And James Hugs Mary then The Eureka's Goes Back To There Bedrooms And Falls Asleep Then At 1:30 While Everyone Else Was Still Asleep Yippy Was Wide Awake And She Can't Sleep)

Yippy: Ooooooh, I'm So Worried About The Power Being Out And I'm Afriad Of The Dark And I'm Very Afriad That The Clubhouse Will Be Damaged Or Blown Away (Gasp) What About The Resturants There In Danger To Maybe After The Super Storm Is Over Maybe I'll Check And See If The Storm Flooded The Resturants Or Not.

(Nick Wakes Up Hearing Yippy)

Nick: Yippy It's 1:30 In The Morning Go To Sleep

Yippy: I Can't Sleep Nick I'm To Worried

Nick: Wow (Sniffs) That's Just Terrible (Yippy Gets Out Of Bed And Hugs Nick)

Nick: Shhh...Shhh...It's Ok Yolanda Nick Is Here

(Yippy Falls Asleep In Nick's Arms)

Nick: (chuckles) Sweet Cookie Dreams Yippy (Puts Yippy Back On The Couch And Tucks Her Back In And He Goes Back To Sleep)

(Cookie Woke Up And Walked To A Nerby Window And Sees The Storm Stoped And Leaves A Flood And The Moon Shines On Cooper And Cookie Goes Back To Bed With Cooper Purring, Then Greg Heard A Low Howl Outside The Dome And Looks Through His Telescope And Discovers Pickle Struggling To Swim And Gets Out Of Bed And Into The Living Room To Look For Sasha)

Greg: Sasha Were Are You?

(Sasha Wakes Up And Sees Greg)

Greg: Oh Sasha Thank Beuragard I Found You. I Need Your Help!

Sasha: Let Me Guess, I Should Wake Up The Other Kids?

Greg: Well That To, And Pickle Dog Is In Danger

Sasha: Oh My

Greg: You Wake Up The Kids And I'll Go Look For Some Floating Material In The Basement.

(Greg Opens The Basement Door And Goes Down Stairs And Get's The Floating Material And Brings It Upstairs)

Sasha: An Big Inflatable Raft?

(Nick Wakes Up Quickly)

Nick: Now That's My Kinda Raft

(Greg Unfolds The Raft And Finds A Little Hole Under It)

Greg: Oh No, A Hole How Can We Get Pickle With This Hole In The Raft?

(Yippy Looks At The Kays Roof And Sees The Romano's Tour Bus On Top Of It And It Was Crushing The Roof)

Yippy: We Could Put A Band-Aid On The Raft.

Greg: Could Call...All We Need Is A Big Band-Aid

Nick: We Don't Carry Big Band-Aid's Boss

Greg: Tomatoes. (Greg Notices The Romano's Bus Is On-Top The Kay's Roof Gonna Crash Through There Roof) Maybe...

(Greg Goes Outside The Flood Wall And Swims To Get The Romanos Bus Off The Kays Roof So Greg Pushes The Big Red Bus Off The Kay's Roof And It Struggles To Float So Greg Got In The Bus And Drove It Back To The Flood Wall)

Greg: We Can Use The Romanos Bus As A Float All We Need Is Some New Floating Material...

(Lisa Goes To The Spot Boat And Brings Out Three Crates Of Pinapples And A Net)

Greg: Pinapples And A Net? Lisa, How's That Gonna Help?

Lisa: You See Greg Pinapples Can Float For Some Crazy Reason. So That's Why I Packed These Pinapples Well Actully My Unca Kahuna Brought Theme For His Midnight Snack.

Greg: Thanks For The Infomation Lisa, Let's Go Rescue Pickle! And Everything Else We Can Find. But First I Must Leave A Walkie Talkie In My Ma's Room

(Greg Goes Inside And Puts The Second Walkie Talkie On His Mother's Nightstand And Goes Back Outside To Start The Search)

Greg: Come On Kids! Were Off!

(The Kids Got Into The Bus And Greg Started The Engine And The Bus Was Off)

Greg: (sees a floating object) Floating Object Straight Ahead!

Nick: It's Sarge Fan!'s Mother's Breafcase. Someone Grab It

(Lisa Grabs The Breafcase And Gives It To Sarge Fan!).

Sarge Fan!: Mummies Gonna Be Happy

Greg: Look Another Object. Three Objects

Nick: That Ain't An Objects It's Gino, Carlo, Bruna and (sees Edoardo attached to Bruna's back) Edoardo

(Gino Is Shown Trying To Hang On To A Lamp Post With His Cousins and Uncle On His Back Until The Kids Came To There Rescue)

The Romanos: Grazie Kid Brigata

Edoardo: And Another Thing, Why Are You Using The Fat Kahuna's Snack For Floatation Device?

Greg: When We Rescued Your Bus It Was Gonna Sink And Rust Up And We Know How Gino Would React To That...

Gino: I'll Scream In Bloody Terroro And There's Something I Wanted To Ask You Bambini's. Who's Driving?

(Greg Notices Yippy's Pretending She's Driving Then Gino Grabbed Her And Put Her On Nick's Head)

Gino: I Do All The Driving (gino starts moaning) Oh Ma-Mia My Strangth

Greg: You Look Rotten Tired, You And Your Cousins And Uncle Should Rest, Me And The Kid Brigaders Will Rescue The Floating Things For You.

(The Romanos Goes To The Back Of There Bus And Goes To Sleep And The Kids Goes Looks For Other Things And Pickle)


(We See The Kid Brigade With The Things They Rescued Outside Of The Floating Bus With Big Metel Boxes Keeping Theme In When Lisa Spots Pickle On One Of Kahuan's Surf Boards)

Lisa: I Spot Pickle Dog On One Of My Unca Kahuna's Surf Boards

(Lisa Picks Up Pickle And The Surfboard)

Yippy: Oh Thank Goodness Your Ok!

(The Kid Brigade Sails Back To The Eureka House Were Everyone Else Is Still Asleep And The Kid Brigade Removes The Stuff Out Of The Big Metel Boxes And Onto The Ground And The Kids Sneek Back Inside and the other brigaders went back to sleep with there families and Greg takes Cookie to his bedroom and gets into bed and falls asleep Then Inside The Romano's Bus Bruna Woke Up)

Bruna: The Bus-ride Over?

(Bruna Looks Out The Bus Window and Sees The Eureka's House)

Bruna: Yep, Bus Ride's Over

(Bruna Looks At Her Sleeping Father, Cousin and Brother And Goes To Get There Blankets and Tucked The Three In And Kissed Theme On There Cheeks And Gets Her Blanket And Goes Back To Sleep)

(The Next morning the eureka brothers wake up and gets dressed and put on there aprons and starts fixing breakfast then Nick and Yippy woke up)

Nick and Yippy: morning boss

(Greg goes over to Nick and Yippy)

Greg: Nick and Yippy, can you help with out with waking everyone up for breakfast

Nick and Yippy: yeah!

(Greg gives Nick and Yippy pots and wooden spoons)

Nick and Yippy: now boss?

Greg: yeah

(Nick and Yippy makes noise and wakes up the people who were sleeping)

Nick and Yippy: breakfast time

Greg:wait! The breakfast was lived!

random food Raid:mwuhahahahahaha I make the storm the storm is munchmore storm!!!!!!

Greg:what! You are the destroyer!!!

random food Raid:my name is Trank-Faze villain of the illusion!!!

Pauly: oh boy

Kingsley: breakfast!

Clair: Kingsley, not so loud

Rico and Kahuna: bigger men first

Hugo and Franco: what about us?

(after everyone has breakfast they notice dark figures outside and goes outside and finds there stuff)

Trank-Faze:I see soon to the toast land to fight me! from munchmore

Rico: my motorbike!

Kahuna: my surfboards!

Hugo: my records!

Franco: my ax!

Big Pauly: my peppers!

(Pickle burrows out of the surfboards)

Prudence: Pickle!

(Prudence picks up Pickle and then the kid brigade notices the Romano's bus is still floating)

Olga: the Romano's tour bus!

(Kingsley sees the kay house roof almost broken)

Kingsley: MY ROOF! PAULY! get your working tools (Clair grabs Kingsley's pajama bottoms)

Clair: after the flood water goes down

Kingsley: yes Doctor. Clair (Yippy goes in the Romano's bus) Yippy: Romanos, time for breakfast

(Bruna Wakes up)

Bruna: *stretches* good morning Yippy.

Yippy: *gives Bruna her coffee*

Bruna: thank you 

Yippy: welcome

(Bruna sips her coffee and notices Carlo's still sleeping and puts her coffee down)

Bruna: Carlo!

(Bruna goes over to her sleeping Brother and whacks him with her handbag)

Bruna: wake up you lazy ladies man

(Carlo wakes up)

Carlo: lazy ladies man up

Yippy: stay here, i'll go get Carlo's breakfast

(Yippy gets out of the Romano's tour bus and get's Carlo's breakfast and cranberry juice and brings it back to him)

Carlo: thank's Yolanda. (pats Yippy on the head then Yippy notices Edoardo and Gino are still asleep)

Yippy: what about little Mr. Romano and big Mr. Romano?

Carlo: waking theme up is my job. right after i'm finished my breakfast.

Bruna: go along Yippy, wait until my Papa and Cousin are awake, then we'll need you again

Yippy: OK (Yippy leaves the bus)

Nick: well how did it go?

Yippy: they don't need me until Edoardo and Mr. Gino are awake.

Greg: well while Edoardo and Gino are still asleep and Bruna and Carlo are having breakfast...wanna go fishing?

Nick and Yippy: oh alright Greg we will...

Bruna: wait a minute, Yippy! i need my breakfast!

Greg:Bruna the breakfast Raid was Gone to the toast land

Yippy: OK

(Yippy get's Bruna breakfast and brings it to her)

Bruna: thank you Yippy, go along and go fishing with Greg and Nick now.

(Yippy goes back to Nick and Greg and starts fishing then Gino and Edoardo began to wake up)

will you fight Tronk-Faze from papa louie 11 when cheeses attack! a far game coming soon

The End


  • At the end, the storm ends.
  • This is the only Papa Louie episode, where Yippy, Nick and Greg are fishing.