(The Quintuplets Are Shown Sweting In The Sleep Meaning Somethings Bad Is Happening In There Dream)

All Five Quintuplets: WOHA Where Are We?

Quintuplets Suffering There Bad Dream

(The Lights Turn On)

All Five Quintuplets: Were In Ninjoy's Basement!

(Ninjoy, Xandra and Xolo Comes In)

Ninjoy: Well Well Well The Spot Quintuplets Have I Got A Treat For You Five.

(Ninjoy Shows Alberto, Rita, Cecilia, Lisa and Wendy Tied Up To Chairs And Mouth Covered)

Kahuna: Wendy?

Rico: Alberto? Rita? Cecilia?

Franco: Lisa?

Wendy, Alberto, Rita, Cecilia and Lisa: Mphhh? (Kahunie?, Dad? and Daddy?)

All Five Quintuplets: Let Theme Go Ninjoy!

Ninjoy: No Becuses There Going To Be Fried After You Five!

All Five Quintuplets: WHAT?!?!?

Xolo and Xandra: Yeah Fried!

Ninjoy: Xandra, Xolo! The Lever!

Xolo and Xandra: Ok!

(Xandra and Xolo Pulls The Lever Causing The Spot Quintuplets To Go Down)

Alberto: Mphh (Dad!)

(The Quintuplets Looks At The Boiling Hot Oil As The Fall Then The Quintuplets Wakes Up Screaming Like Girls)

Quintuplets Scared Silly

Hugo: I Was Just Dreaming About Ninjoy

Kahuna, Georgito, Rico, and Franco: I Was Dreaming About Her To

(Lisa Comes In)

Lisa: What's Wrong Papi?

Franco: We Had A Bad Dream Lissie

Lisa: What About?

Franco: Ninjoy Kidnapped Us And Planned On Frying Us Then You Your Cousins And Aunt Wendy.

Lisa: Ouch Well Ninjoy Will Get Trapped In Prison Forever If She Does That Mind If I Sleep With You Five You Look Like You Need Company.

Franco humming lisa to sleep

Hugo: Franco?

Franco: Rico?

Rico: Georgito?

Georgito: Kahuna?

Kahuna: Oh Alright I Just Want To Go To Sleep

(Lisa Gets In Bed With Her Dad And The Other Quintuplets Fall Asleep Franco Trys To Fall Asleep Put He Was To Nervous So Lisa Asks Him Something)

Lisa: Hum To Me

Franco: Ok

Sleeping franco and lisa

(Franco Hums Sweet Lisa (Lisa's Lullabye) To Lisa Then She Falls Asleep Then Franco Finally Falls Asleep)

the end