Dark Brigade meeting

5:00 pm

Roy:What?!Papa Louie is dead?!


Cooper:Can you tell us what happened?



Lisa:I was there when Rico and georgeito killed papa louie.Rico told me not to tell anyone,especially the dark brigade.First,they tied up papa louie.Then,they each pulled out water pistols for so many minutes.Finally,papa louie died of drowning.

Yippy:That's so sad.(Yippy cries)

Prudence:It's allright yippy,we're gonna stop him.

Roy:Yes.That's exactly what we're gonna do

Taco Mia

9:36 pm

Rico:Now to destroy the Taco mia!

????Stop right there!

(Rico turns around to see the dark brigade)

Rico:Well look who it is,the dark brigade!

Greg:We're here to avenge papa louies dead!

Rico:So lisa told you.

Lisa:I had tell them.

Rico:It doesn't matter anyway.I'm not gonna let you interfere with my plans,attack my clones!

(An army of rico clones charge towards the dark brigade)


(Everyone attacks)

Cooper:Take this!(Cooper shoots his water pistol)

(Multiple rico clones get drenched)

Prudence:I hope you get drenched!(Shoots water)

Sarge Fan!:Time to finish you!(Shoots water)

Rico Clone:I will never surrender!

Roy:This is for papa louie!

(Roy aims a water pistol at the clones)

(All the clones die of drowning)

Rico:You destroyed my clones but wait until you see this!

(A stealth Bomber destroys the taco mia)

Greg:The taco mia!

Lisa: Uncle,you need to stop this!

Rico:NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

Rico:If you want to see me again,go to the freezeria.Good-Bye!

(Rico Escapes)

Tohru:We lost him.Shoot the helicopter with the water pistol Roy.

Roy:I can't,I only had one bucket of water and...

Zoe : Xolo drank all of it

Xolo : But I was thirsty

(Xolo then looks at an angry Xandra)

Xolo : Believe me, I had to, Xandra...

Coooper:If we're going to stop Rico,we're going to need a plan.

Xolo:I agree.

Gian ;: Me Too

Roy:Okay,here's the plan....

(2 hours later)

Nick : Tessero, Derangio, Did you see Rico

Tessero : He went that way

Derangio : I agree Tessero

To be continued........................