MOvie poster

Movie Poster for The Rise of the Chiliria Part 1

6:34 p.m.

Gian : Now Derangio, I want you to disguise as Rico while Tessero can disguise as Georgito so that you two can become friends again

Derangio : Sir, yes, Sir

Gian : Now do it

(French Narrator : 7 HOURS LATER)

Papa Louies House

1:34 am

(Papa Louie is fast asleep.Suddenly he hears a rumbling sound)

Papa Louie:What's happening?

Roy:Papa Louie!You need to come outside!Rico is destroying the pizzeria!

(Papa Louie was frightened by what Roy just said.)

Papa Louie:Just like my bad dream!Only this time it's reality!

(Papa Louie and roy go outside)

Papa Louie:Rico!What are you doing?!

Rico:Im going to destroy all of the worlds restaraunts so that the chiliria is the only restaraunt in the world! And Georgito and I will become

Rico and Georgito : SARGE'S NEW MINIONS

Georgeito:And I'm going to help him!

Papa Louie : WHAT?

Roy:I'll get the teen brigade!

Papa Louie:Ok.Leave Rico and Georgeito to me!

(Roy goes to all of the teen brigade members houses.)

Tohrus house

2:56 am

Nick:Akari,where are you going?

Akari:Roy needs the teen brigade for some reason.He says that you should get the kid brigade to.


Teen brigade and kid brigade meeting

4:25 am

Cooper:Why are we here?!


Connor:I need to sleep so i can have enough energy for the basketball game today!

Yippy:I'm tired!

Prudence:What's going on?!

Zoe:Did the toys from when toys attack come back?

Roy:SHUT UP SO I CAN EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Everybody got quiet)

Roy:Thank you.Now I can explain.

Roy:Rico has decided to destroy all of the worlds restaraunts so that the chiliria is the only restaraunt in the world.He has destroyed at least 3,567,890 restaraunts,including the pizzeria.

Everyone except roy:*GASP*

Nick:Without the other restaraunts,we'll be stuck with chili forever!

Peggy:I have an Idea!

Roy,Nick,Cooper,Greg:What is it?

Peggy:We should team up together and form the tween Brigade.

Everyone except peggy:Great Idea

Roy:Then it's settled.Go home and get everything you need for this battle.Come back at 4:50 pm to decide on our battle plan.

Everyone except Roy:Sir yes sir!

To be continued........