If you come straight here without reading The Rise of The Dark Force 2, here's a recap:

Recap: Papa Louie gave Connor his hideout. Then, Connor has started kidnapping the workers by setting a fake party. Not knowing that a spy entered the hideout, Connor had cloned the workers. The next day, Papa Louie knows that the workers are missing.

Now, For the story.

Meanwhile, on Connor's hideout, he is fast asleep. Mr. Capri has a plan to free the workers.

Mr. Capri: I must save them from this guy with an afro! But how? (note: he doesn't know Connor) Ahh! I have an idea!

Using his spygear, he went to the Cloning room. Then, he woke them up with the Awakener's Gas.

Marty: Ughh... where are we? (he saw Mr. Capri) Ahh!!! A serial killer!
Roy: Come on and finish him!!!
James: Wait. I know this guy. He is Mr. Capri! He is the one that throws snowballs on me!!!
Mr. Capri: Wait! Could you please calm down! I am here to save all of you!
All Gameria workers: What?! You were just lying. Mysterious persons arent trusted!
Mr. Capri: No! I am here to save you from the Dark Force! Here is proof.
(They hand them a note. It says: "Hillo Papi Looie I kednepped yer werkers bicos it is da pat ov da paln" which is actually "Hello Papa Louie I kidnapped your workers because it is the part of the plan")
Roy: I know someone who write like this? XANDRA!!! Are you working for the Dark Force?
Mr. Capri: No! Just believe me and get out of this place!
James: We will go out on this place, if you stop throwing snowballs at me!
Mr. Capri: Okay! We will get outta here!

But, Connor was awake so he caught them. Mr. Capri fought back by punching his face. Then, Connor drops cages to him but, instead, it trapped him.

Connor: Man, I got trapped by my own traps!!!

Meanwhile, back to Tastyville,

Hank: Papa Louie! There are more people missing!
Papa Louie: Oh, okay!!! I got too many problems!!!
Hank: But the workers are back! They are working at your Super Duper Mega Deluxe resturant!

To be continued...