If you have just come here without reading The Rise of The Dark Force, I will give you a recap.

Recap: The Dark Force has a plan to conquer the whole Flipverse. Then, Papa Louie opened the Super Duper Mega Deluxe resturant. Sadly, he is going to close all of his Gamerias. Then, Xandra decided to clone the workers for her plan. Her brother (Connor) volunteered. Connor volunteered and Papa Louie picked him.

Now, for the story.

Meanwhile, in Papa's secret dark hideout,

Papa Louie: Okay, you will clone the workers. The original ones will work on the Gamerias. The resturant will be open on the top of this hideout.
Connor: Okay. I understand.

But, after Papa Louie leaves,

Connor: Now I will disguise this place as a party room for the workers. I will post an eye catching poster to attract them. Then, I will make the clones.

Connor decorated the place. Then, he posted flyers to attract the workers. Meanwhile, on the Gameria worker party room, (different from Connor's trap)

All Gameria workers: Okay. Gotta go. We do not have time for your party anyway.

But, when they see the poster,

All Gameria workers: Hey! This party may look awesome! Lets go!

They went to the party, not knowing that it is a trap.

All Gameria workers: Woohoo!!! Connor you're so cool!!!!
Connor: Thanks guys.

Connor didnt know that a spy entered the base. His name is Mr. Capri. Then, Connor pressed a button, causing for a cage to fall on them. They were all trapped (except for Mr. Capri), then Connor sprayed the cage with sleep gas. Connor placed them on a special room. Then, he made evil copies of them and they came out from the room.

The next day...

Hank: Hi, Papa Louie!
Papa Louie: Hi! What is the news?
Hank: Bad news. There are 15 people missing. Their names are Roy, Marty, Rita, Mitch, Maggie, Alberto, Penny, Cooper, Prudence, Chuck, Mandi, Taylor, Peggy, James and Willow. Do you know these people?
Papa Louie: THE WORKERS!!!! 

To be continued...

By the way, you may read The Rise of The Dark Force Part 1 if you like.