If you read this without going on The Rise of The Dark Force 3, here is a recap:

Recap: Mr. Capri has a plan to free the workers. Then, when he freed the workers, they almost killed him, but all of it end in a deal. Then, Connor has caught them escaping, so he try to trap them. But, he got trapped. Papa Louie was more worried about the missing customers. But, the workers (the clones) went back! 

Now, for the story.

Meanwhile, at the Super Duper Mega Deluxe resto,

(this is NOT a part of the story. I will show you what happens inside.)
Random Customer: Give me (random order, sorry for being lazy).
Random Evil Clone: Okay. I will give it to you, you son of a (bleep)
5 minutes later...
Random Evil Clone: You got your order. now go away, you (long bleep)
Random Customer: Okay, but dont be rude!
(Random Customer fell into a trap door)

Now, for the REAL story.

Meanwhile, on Mr. Capri's underground bunker...

Mr. Capri: Alright, we need a plan.
Everyone (minus Mr. Capri and Papa Louie): What is it?
Mr. Capri: Okay. But first, all customers must be kidnapped.
Everyone: Why?
Mr. Capri: Because to be fair and getting a person without any reason is called kidnapping.
Everyone: Okay. Everyone was kidnapped. Whats the plan?
Mr. Capri: You will go where the first resturant that you visited first. Pizzeria locals, go to Tastyville. Burgeria locals, go to Burgerburgh. Taco Mia locals, go to Tacodale. Freezeria locals, go to Calypso Island. Pancakeria locals, go to Maple Mountain. Wingeria locals, go to Starlight City. Hotdoggeria locals, go to Griller Stadium. And Cupcakeria locals, go to Frostfield. But wait! Workers, go to the location where your Gameria is. The Romanos and Olga, go to Portalini. Allan and Sarge Fan, go to Oniontown. Boomer, go to Toastwood. Foodini, replace Boomer on Starlight City. Guard your businesses.
Everyone: Yes sir!

Then Papa Louie has been kidnapped. Mr. Capri has sent the workers to save him.

Mr. Capri: Workers! Rescue Papa Louie.
Workers: Why us?
Workers: Okay.

Meanwhile, at The Cloning Facility...

Mr. Capri (on the walkie talkie): Workers *cut* the Papa *cut* Louie that comes *cut* out is a *cut* clone.
Workers: Okay.

Then, they have saved Papa Louie. The next day,

Mr. Capri: Alright, now we only have 5 MINUTES to get ready. Weapons are on the shelf. Places that has less people has more powerful weapons. 

On the weapon shelf...

Mr. Capri: Everyone has weapons except for Boomer. But, I planted cannons, crates and a motorbike.
Boomer: Why?
Mr. Capri: Because clones lose their skills when cloned. Willow, you will wield a Cotton Puffs launcher.
Willow: Why? You know I HATE Cotton Puffs!
Mr. Capri: Because clones still have their originals' dislikes. Use your weakness as an advantage.
Radlynn: Radley's sauce launcher, Cool!
Mr. Capri: Thats not enough, kid. (he gets a Radley Madish costume and puts it on Radlynn) Perfect. (note: she has a real warp key to call Radley Madish for backup. Same case on Sarge Fan, this time, on the Oniontown Crushers mascot. He also wield Crushda Pepper Bombs.)

4 minutes and 30 seconds later, the whole Flipverse looks like a ghost town. 30 seconds later... Marching sounds was heard. On all locations, they are watchful for Xandra and her army of clones.

Mr. Capri (on the camera room): Ready?
Everyone: Ready!

They all attacked the clones. Every clone they find, they killed them. But, all of them also are dead with the clones. Then, Mr. Capri appeared on his ninja outfit and kidnapped his sister (Ninjoy).

Meanwhile, on Ninjoy's house...

Ninjoy: (sees her tied on her bed) Hey!
Mr. Capri: (opener bots appeared and opened Ninjoy's mouth wide) Well... here comes my sister. (gets a box of wasabi sauce)
Ninjoy: Ahhhaahhahahah!!!!!
Mr. Capri: Okay. I will never stop placing wasabi on your mouth unless you promise that you will quit on The Dark Force.
Ninjoy: Ha! You will never get me to (Mr. Capri starts to pour wasabi sauce on her mouth) AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! STOP THAT!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!
Mr. Capri: Well, do you promise to quit on The Dark Force?
Ninjoy: NOOOOO!!!!!! I WILL NEVER QUIT!!!!!

5 minutes later...

Mr. Capri: Okay.

Mr Capri went back to the base and revived the customers. Then, everyone tapped on the ground and a laser zapped all the dead clones and all Dark Force Members (except for Ninjoy that quit). Then, they are all teleported to the Zombieworld.

Dr.Zomboss:hey! New zombies here

dark clones:destroy the zombies!!!!!!

Dr.Zomboss:aaahhh!!!!!!!! Retreat! Zombies! Retreat!

meanwhile.on the customers?

The end... But see what happens on the fight!

The Rise of the Chiliria's threequel coming soon!!!!.