The Sequel to The Rise of the Chiliria!!! 

All customers were starting to build the resturants (minus Xandra, Xolo and Ninjoy). Then, Quinn legalized the resturants and all were back to normal.

Meanwhile, at the Dark Force HQ...

Xandra: We have got their trust! Now we need a plan to start our mission to conquer the whole Flipverse!!! (see Radley's Flipdeck if you have no idea what it means.)
Xolo: Okay, but how?
Xandra: I have a plan...
(Everyone chuckles)

One year later...

Papa Louie: Alright, now I am going to make a Super Duper Mega Deluxe restutant! Order all you want to!!! (it was Xandra's evil plan)
Everyone: Yehey!!!! Woohoo!!!
Papa Louie: Sadly I need to close all the Gamerias.
Everyone: Aww!!!
Xandra: Aha! I have an idea!
Papa Louie: What is it, Xandra?
Xandra: We need to clone the Gameria workers! Don't worry, they give good service.
Papa Louie: Okay. Who wants to volunteer?
(Xandra grabs Connor's hand and raises it)
Connor: Me? Why me?
Xandra: (whispers) It is because it is my plan. You make evil clones of the workers to work on the Super Duper Mega Deluxe restutant. Then, they will kidnap the customers that come. You, again will make the evil clones of them and use them to conquer the entire Flipverse!!!
Connor: Me!!!
Papa Louie: Come here Connor.
To be continued...