(Starlight City 9:15 (The Time When The Kid Brigade and Connor Should Be In Bed) Rico: Ready Clones?

Rico Clones: Ready

Georgito: Good


(Rico, Rico Clones And Georgito Sees Foodini, Along With All The Other Customers Including There Brothers)

Foodini: You Guy's Don't Know Right I Heard From Franco, Hugo, And Kahuna That You (Points At Rico) Never Shared Your Recipe To Everyone Is That Why Your Destroying Ever Resterant Rico Is That Why?

(Rico Gets On His Knees So Does His Clones And Georgito That's When The Dark Force, Kid/Teen Brigade And Roy Got To The Wingeria)

Rico: Yes I Wanted To Destroy All The Resturants In The World So Someone Can Taste My Chili

(Rico Notice That The Bomb For The Wingeria Was Going Off So He Throws The Bomb Away Then It Exploaded)


Cooper about to hit Rico with a bottle of Coke

Alberto, Rita And Cecilia: Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Dad's Not Gonna Expload The Wingeria

Lisa: Yeah (Yawns) Uncle Rico Isn't Gonna Blow The Wingeria

Franco: Ok Lisa Time For You To Go Home And Go To Bed

(Franco Picks Lisa Up)

Franco:Come on Lisa,let's go home.

(Foodini,Franco,and Lisa Go home.)

Cooper:*Thoughts*Rico has gone too far.Time to finish this.

(Cooper sneaks up on rico)

Rico:One more push-

(Rico turns around to see cooper about to hit him with a bottle of coca-cola)

Rico:Oh crap.

(Cooper hits rico in the head with bottle of coke,thus knocking him out.Everyone then stared at cooper)

Cooper:It was the only thing left to do.

(The adults arrive)



Clair:What happened here?!

Roy:Rico destroyed all of the worlds restaraunts and was about to destroy the wingeria until cooper knocked him out with a bottle of coke!

Kingsley:I was expecting a lie or something!

Starlight city

8:56 am

Hank : Ha, the Doughnut Dump, my best restaurant unlike t.....

(Rico blows up Doughnut Dump and then the Maple Mountain Prison's Cafe)

Hank : Just what the Dickens are you doing

Rico : Blowing up the restaurants

(Rico and Georgito run away)

Police Chief (on phone) : What did you find

Hank : I found an obese Spanish person with a black vest and a blue bandana with a rich person with a monocole

Police Chief (on phone) : GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

(a bunch of police cars head for rico and georgito)

Hank (puts hand cuffs on Rico and Georgito)

Hank : There

Xandra : Let's find out who the restaurant destroyers are really are

(Georgito morphs into Tessero)


(Rico morphs into Derangio)


Cooper : Cousin Gian! What did you do?

Gian : I wanted Tessero and Derangio to get their friendship back so I secretly asked them to disguise as Rico and Georgito and I told Ninjoy and she was proud of me but my plan backfired because Tessero and Derangio as Rico and Georgito blew up our hideout so there

Ninjoy : Derangio! I am so ashamed! You never led me astray before!

Derangio : Sorry! But do I get bones

Ninjoy : You do!

Derangio : Thanks

Cecilia : Look, Alberto! The real Rico and Georgito

Rico : Georgito and I decided to put the Chiliria near the Dog Pound in Awesome Sauce City

Georgito : And I am very angry that Tessero and Derangio disguised as us in order for Gian to make them friends again.

Tessero : Were friends already, Georgito

Derangio : Well almost

Tessero:How come?

Derangio:If we decided to destroy all of the worlds restaraunts,then we still haven't blown up the wingeria!

Tessero:Oh yeah

Hank:well it's not going to happen anymore!

Derangio and Tessero:We know.

Papa Louie : Hi Roy, I got revived by father of the time and I thank him

Father of the Time : Thanks, Lou

Yippy : Lou is his real name

Everyone sees the sunrise

Cooper:Well I'm glad that's all over.

Prudence:Hey cooper.


Prudence:Do you wan't to get back together?

Cooper:I'd love that!

Cooper and prudence kiss

Nick:So cooper and prudence are back together what about me do i get a good pat on the back?

Marty, Alberto and Cooper: Not Going To Happen

Nick: What About Papa Louie?

Fitz: Mr Time already revived him

Roy : now everything is back to normal

The End

Special thanks to a wikia contributor and Cassie moats who helped with the beginning of part 4 and 5!I really appreciate it!-Papasworld