(The Dark Fource, The Kid & Teen Brigade And Roy Headed To Claypo Isle To Stop Rico From Exploading The Freezeria But At The Freezeria Rico and Georgito Gets Ready With His Bomb When He Looked Inside His Brothers Shop And Kahuna Was Not There

Rico: Good Kahuna's Not There Now We Can Destroy The Freezeria!

(Rico And Georgito Put The Bomb In The Freezeria And Bombs The Freezeria But They Bomb Half Of There Older Brother's Surf Shack That's When Kahuna, Franco And Hugo Rushes All The Way From Tastyville To The Island And That's When The Dark Fource, Kid and Teen Brigade And Roy Came To The Island)

Alberto & Penny: THE FREEZERIA!

Kahuna & Chuck: THE SURF SHACK!

(Kahuna Faints)

Lisa: (shakes her head and sees her father angry with her) Why Are You Made With Me Papi?

Franco: I'm Mad With Your Uncle Rico And Uncle Georgito

(Yippy Runs Up To Hugo And He Picks Little Yippy And They Both Starts Crying Nick Was Going To Cry When He Notice A Golden Lockette (Still Safe From The Bomb) Was On The Surf Shack Roof That's When Kahuna Grabbed It And Gave It To Alberto And He Opens It)

Alberto: Aww

(Alberto sees a young Rico making chili in the lockette)

Penny:Now that's cute.

Roy:We lost the freezeria,whats next?

Cooper and Prudence:The Pancakeria!

Ninjoy:To Maple Mountain!

Wendy:But the helicopters out of fuel!

Cooper:Don't worry!I know a shortcut!

A few minutes later

Cooper:And we just take a left here and holy crap!

(Everyone sees an army of clones)

Cooper:I had a feeling this would happen.(Pulls out water gun)

Greg:What are we doing?Get your weapons!

(Everyone draws out their water pistols)

A 2-hour battle engages between everyone

2 hours later


(Cooper shoots his M4A1 filled with water at the clone)

Roy:Well I think that's all of them.

Rico:Not yet!

(Rico pushes a button on a remote,which causes the pancakeria to blow up)

Cooper and Prudence:The Pancakeria!

Rico and Georgeito:Now to destroy the wingeria!

(Rico and georgeito escape)

Chuck:They can't destroy the wingeria!

Roy:Don't worry we'll stop them.

To be continued......