The Eureka House

(We Begin Were Greg Was Playing Video Games When Mary Comes In Depressed)

Greg: What's Wrong Mom Why So Sad?

Mary: Greg I'm Worried I Might Lose My Job

(Greg Pauses His Game And Gets Up)

Greg: Oh No Well I'm Going To Make You Coffee

Mary: Thanks Greg

(Mary Sits Down And Greg Comes In With Her Coffee)

Greg: Here Mom

Mary: Thanks Sweetie

(Mary Takes Her Coffee And Sips It)

The Kay House

(Sasha Was Counting Her Trainning Cards When Clair Comes In Upset)

Sasha: What's Wrong Mama?

Clair: Mama's Upset Baby

Sasha: About What?

Clair: I Might Lose My Job As A Nurse

Sasha: Oh No That's Terrible

(Sasha Puts Down Her Trainning Cards And Gets Up To Comfort Her Mother)

Sasha: It's Ok Mama Daddy Still Has His Job As A Comedian

The Jay House

(The Jay Boy's Were Watching Have You Learn Your Sums When Quinn Comes In Blocking Theme From Watching TV)


Quinn: Don't Back Talk Me Young Men

The Jay Boys: Yes Ma

Sarge Fan!: What's Wrong Mummie?

Quinn: I MIGHT LOSE MY JOB OK!!! (Starts Crying)

(The Jay Boy's Get Up And Hugs There Mother)

The Hiroshino House

(Nick Was Eating Raman Noodles And Watching TV When Doan Came In)

Nick: What's The Matter Dad Why You Home So Early?

Doan: I Had To Come Home Early I'm....Worried I Might Lose My Job!

Nick: Oh-No I'll Make You Tea

(Nick Makes Tea For His Dad And Gives It To Him)

Doan: Thank You Nick

The Razburg House

(Utah Was Reading A Magazeen When Cori Came In)

Utah: Mom?

Cori: Hi Honey

Utah: What's Wrong Mom Why Are You Down And Frowny?

Cori: I'm Worried I Might Lose My Job

Utah: Oh No (Gives Cori A Picture Of James)

Cori: Thanks Baby James Cheers Me Up

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