Foodini calls all Cupcakeria Closers (Trishna, Radlynn, Mayor Mallow, Xolo, Quinn, Kenji and Jojo) to an unknown building with 6 floors.

Foodini: Alright. Now one of the contestants is the Pizza Thief. We would have challenges that test who is the Pizza Thief. If you fail the challenges, you are not the Pizza Thief. If you are the Pizza Thief, you win 1000 coins.
The floors are:
6: Toxic Treats
5: Feed Me Lies
4: Whack-a-ninja
3: The Pizza Panic
2: Way of The Pizza
1: Cooper's Cat Candy
Foodini: Let us start the challenges!
Floor 1: Cooper's Cat Candy 
Rules: There are two candies: one normal candy and one cat candy. You need to feed Om Nom with normal candy and Cookie with cat candy. If you feed them the wrong candy or one of the candy is destroyed, you could be eliminated.
Let us start!

Meanwhile, on the game...

Trishna: (cuts the cat candy to Om Nom)
Om Nom: (spits candy)
Trishna: Oh no.
Radlynn: My turn! (cuts normal candy to Cookie)
Cookie: (spits candy)
Radlynn: Yuck. Cat germs are here on this candy.
Mayor Mallow: My turn! (about to cut the cat candy to Cookie but he fell on Cookie's mouth)
Cookie: (spits Mayor Mallow)
Mayor Mallow: I need to take a shower.
Xolo: My turn! (cuts the cat candy, candy is crushed)
Foodini: (facepalms)
Xolo: (facepalms)
Quinn: My turn! (being mistaken as the cat candy, Cookie ate her)
Cookie: (spits Quinn)
Quinn: (complains to Cooper)
Cooper: Sorry. Next time, do not wear your cat costume if it is not Halloween!
Kenji: My turn! (eats the candies)
Foodini: (facepalms)
Kenji: (spits cat candy, eats the normal candy)
Jojo: Now, my turn! (cuts the candy to the correct recipients)
Foodini: Now, Jojo win this challenge. But, that is not all! Let us go to the voting room to see who made you fail.

Meanwhile, on the voting room...

Foodini: Alright. Now place you votes on the Jar of Truth. Once in, you cant pick it up except for me. The Closer that got a lot of votes will be eliminated.
Trishna: Quinn, because she will sue me if I cut the correct candy.
Radlynn: Kenji, because he swapped the places of the candy.
Mayor Mallow: Jojo, because if I dont fall, he will be the new mayor of Frostfield.
Xolo: Radlynn, because if I dont crush the candies, she will send Radley Madish.
Quinn: Trishna, because she made me wear my cat costume.

Kenji: Trishna, for replacing the candies with Tangerine Pop.

Foodini: Alright. The Closer that is the most voted is... Trishna! Sorry Trishna, you need to leave. Now for the next challenge, let us go to the second floor.
Floor 2: Way of The Pizza
Rules: Foodini will ask questions about pizza. For each correct answer, the player moves one step forward. For each wrong answer, you will move one step backward. The first player that can get to the Golden Pizza will win. The player that is too far from it could be eliminated.

Meanwhile, in the game...

Foodini: Alright. What are the yellow rectangular prisms that is a tropical fruit?
Kenji: Pineapples?
Foodini: Correct! One step forward, Kenji. Next question: What are the purple circles that are found on the pizza?
Radlynn: Onions!
Foodini: Correct! One step forward, Radlynn. Next question: What is Wally's favorite on pizza?
Quinn: Mayo?
Foodini: Sorry. The correct answer is anchovies. Next question: What is the black thing that is found on pizza? It is a bonus question, It gives you two steps forward.
Kenji: Charcoal?
Radlynn: Pepper?
Quinn: Olives?
Foodini: Quinn is right. Two steps forward, Quinn. Kenji and Radlynn, two steps backward. Next question: Where do you find pizza? Super bonus question, it gives you 3 steps forward.
Mayor Mallow: On my office?
Jojo: In the Cupcakeria?
Quinn: In the Pizzeria?
Foodini: Quinn is correct. Quinn got the golden pizza and won! Now let us see who will say goodbye tonight.

Meanwhile, on the voting room...

Foodini: Okay then. Who made you fail?
Radlynn: Kenji, because if I said the correct answer, he will squirt cotton puffs to me.
Mayor Mallow: Jojo, because he fooled me that there is a Pizzeria on my office.
Xolo: Quinn, because she told me to shut up.
Kenji: Radlynn, because she lied to me that charcoal is edible.
Jojo: Radlynn, because she said that the pizzas are on the Cupcakeria.
Foodini: Alright. The most voted Closer is... Radlynn! Radlynn, you are out. For the next challenge, we will go to the 3rd floor.
Floor 3: The Pizza Panic
Rules: All contestants are blindfolded and they have a bowl of their favorite pizza toppings. Then, they will decorate the pizza slice in the end of the path. Be careful: some ingredients are scattered on the field, Some are on the stands, while others are on the floor. The Closer that has the least ingredients in their pizza or the messiest path could be eliminated.

Meanwhile, in the game...

Mayor Mallow: 
Messiness: 80%
Toppings on pizza (max 10): 5

Messiness: 10%
Toppings on pizza (max 10): 9

Messiness: 1%
Toppings on pizza (max 10): 10

Messiness: 0% (he ate all the ingredients)
Toppings on pizza (max 10): 0

Messiness: 60%
Toppings on pizza (max 10): 7
Foodini: And, Quinn won again. To the voting room!

Meanwhile, in the voting room...

Foodini: Who made you fail?
Mayor Mallow: Xolo, because he tripped me.
Xolo: Jojo, because he placed a bottle of ketchup on my path.
Kenji: Jojo, because he forced me to eat all the toppings.
Jojo: Mayor Mallow, because he lied.
Foodini: And the most voted Closer is... Jojo! Sorry, you're out. Now, to the fourth floor.
Floor 4: Whack-a-ninja
Rules: There are 4 arcade machines for each contestant. Your goal is to whack all Ninjoy dolls. Do not whack Papa Louie dolls, for you will lose a life (you only have 3 lives) Do not also whack Mr. Capri dolls, for you will instantly lose the game. The contestant that has whacked a lot of Ninjoy dolls wins.
Let us start!

Meanwhile, on the game...

Mayor Mallow:
Ninjoy Dolls whacked (max. 50): 30
Lives Left: 2

Ninjoy Dolls whacked (max. 50): 45
Lives Left: 1

Ninjoy Dolls whacked (max. 50): 50
Lives Left: 3

Ninjoy Dolls whacked (max. 50): 25
Lives Left: 0 (he whacked a Mr. Capri Doll)

Foodini: Okay, Quinn won again. To the voting room!

Meanwhile, in the Voting Room...

Foodini: Who made you fail?
Mayor Mallow: Kenji, because he told me to whack a Papa Louie doll.
Xolo: Kenji, because he said that Ninjoy dolls will attack me if I whacked 50 of them.
Kenji: Mayor Mallow, because he said that Mr. Capri dolls are proper dolls.
Foodini: The most voted closer is... Kenji! Sorry, you need to leave. To the fifth floor!
Floor 5: Feed Me Lies
Rules: All Closers are hung on the ceiling. Then, each Closer will answer a question. If the answer is right, he/she will move up. If the answer is wrong, he/she will move down. After the questions, 2 plants will appear and 2 Tohru clones will appear. The clones will give you lies to feed to the plants that turn into truths after sometime. The Closer that has fed the plants the most lies wins.
Foodini: Let the games begin!

Meanwhile, on the game...

Mayor Mallow:
Lies Fed (max 5): 1
Lies Delayed (max 5): 4

Lies Fed (max 5): 4
Lies Delayed (max 5): 1

Lies Fed (max 5): 5
Lies Delayed (max 5): 0

Foodini: Quinn won! Oh, and no need to vote because, Mayor Mallow, You're out! And, to the last floor!

Floor 6: Toxic Treats
Rules: You are tied on a table filled with your favorite food. But, all the food is toxic! You need to eat your opponent's food to win. (they are not toxic) Whoever eats the opponent's food fuller wins.
Foodini: Let the games begin!

Meanwhile, on the game...

Xolo: Ooh, you food looks delicious.
Quinn: Shut up were tied!
Quinn: Oh, NOOOO!!! My food!!!!
Xolo: You mad?
Foodini: Annd, Xolo wins!!! The price is.... JAIL!!!!!
Xolo: What?
Quinn: Backfired.
Xolo: Oh man.
Quinn: You don't realize, it is the PIZZA THIEF contest. We are finding the PIZZA THIEF.
(the witnesses came inside)
Yippy: He stole my pizza!!!
Peggy: Yeah, he stole mine also!!!
Papa Louie: He stole all of my hard-earned pizza!!!!
Foodini: See? Now go to jail!!!


The witnesses: Oh no!

(Xolo come out)

Foodini: Okay, Xolo. You win a golden pizza in this floor!

Xolo: YES!!!!!!

the end