Proluge: The Zombieworld

The Zombieworld is where zombies live. Some people was put here for a purpose (such as The Dark Force when they try to conquer the Flipverse) and become zombies for a few days.

Now, for the story.

People in the Flipverse was living normal, until...

Meanwhile, in the Kid Brigade HQ...

Greg: Another letter from the Teen Brigade. They want another Pastry War.

Nick: If it is a war they want, it is a war they get!!! Ready the pastry catapults!!!

Meanwhile, in the Capris house...

Mr. Capri: What is in the news today? (turns on TV)
Reporter: Breaking News!!! Zombies are attacking Tastyville!!!
Mr. Capri: What! Gotta call my friend, Capt. Custard to help me! (pulls out phone)
Capt. Custard: Hello?
Mr. Capri: Help me!
Capt. Custard: Is there a zombie attack again?
Mr. Capri: Exactly! Come here!
Capt. Custard: Okay.
Mr. Capri: Okay, Ninjoy and Mrs. Capri, hide from the turret room. I will just go on zombie hunting.

Back to the Pastry War battlefield...

Nick: Take that Alberto!!!!
Alberto: Take this Nick!!!!
Greg: Guys... I think we shoudnt go down...
Yippy: Why?
Nick: ATTACK!!!!
Alberto: Why they are shooting downwards?
Cooper: Yeah. Why?
Marty: Wait. ZOMBIES! And who is that guy in a captain suit?
Capt. Custard: I will splatter brain-flavored custard on these structures...
Greg: Yuck! Wait, zombies are smashing our fort!
Alberto: Ours too! (ninja stars suddenly appear)
Greg: Boo!!!! (throws tomato to Alberto)
Alberto: Hey!!! This is a pastry war, not a Tomatina Festival!!!
Mr. Capri: Erm, I think you should stop doing that...
Capt. Custard: I know what I am doing!!! (drops custard launcher, zombies chase them)

Meanwhile, in the turret room...

Ninjoy: I am getting bored here.
Mrs. Capri: Yeah, I cannot smash chain letters like I did!
Ninjoy: Look! Here is a computer!
Mrs. Capri: (runs to the computer, accidentally pressed the super nuke bullet)

Back to the Battlefield...

Greg: What is that?
Mr. Capri: Whatever is that... RUN BEFORE IT KILLS US ALL!!!
Yippy: ATTACK!!!!
(pies made the nuke explode, all zombies died)
Mr. Capri: Who had just opened the portal of Zombieworld?
 ????: We did.
(mysterious persons revealed as Tessero, Derangio and Gian)
Nick: ATTACK!!!!
Mr. Capri: You three again?
Capt. Custard: Dont worry. I got this. (throws a harpoon)
(Tessero caught the harpoon)
Prof. Fitz: What are you doing?
Greg: A pastry war.
Prof. Fitz: Thats why we are running out of pastries!!! You all except for the adults, to Georgito's office!!!
Zombie: (bites Prof. Fitz)
Capt. Custard: Harpoon time!!!
(Akari and Rico appeared in their motorcycles)
(Akari rams Prof. Fitz)
Akari: Sorry Prof. Fitz, but you are a zombie and zombies deserve to die.
Rico: Hey! Do you like my Chili launcher?
Everyone: Umm...
(pie lands to Akari)
Akari: Seriously Nick?
Nick: Mom! Sorry?
Nick: Aww...
Akari: Oh, wait.
Nick: RUNNNNN!!!!!!
Akari: Why son? Oh wait, AHHHHHHH!!!!
Rico: (shoots the zombie that is about to bite Akari)
Alberto: (throws cakes on the Kid Brigade)
Greg: Are you killing us!
Alberto: It is not our fault!!!
Nick: Then, who?
Zomibies: (smashing the Kid Brigade's fort)
Capt. Custard: I know. Harpoon time!
Mr. Capri: Wait... Oh.
(harpoon kills the zombies, but breaks the Kid Brigade's fort)
The Kid Brigade: AHHHH!!!! 
Mr. Capri: Don't worry! I got this!
(placed the matress on the Kid Brigade's fort)