• Foodini The Host
  • Ninjoy Gets Sqwashed

(everyone claps for theme)

(Pauly and Rico Says It's Foodini and then Claps For Theme)

Foodini: Hello And Welcome To The Quiz Show I'll Be Hosting Tonights Papa Louie Quiz And I Just Know This Is Gonna Be A Great Day!

Mitch and Chuck: What Joy Dad's The Host For Today!

Foodini: Ok Let's Begin Round 1 Of The Papa Louie Quiz!

(The Teams Are All Seatted)

Foodini: First Question Listen Carefully In Which Of The Fallow Did Papa Louie Came To Tastyville In Plane, Truck, Jet, Or Car Awnser?

Chuck: I Think It Was Truck

Mandi: I Think You Are Right

Cooper: What's The Awnser?

Prudence: It's Car

Penny: Hmm I Don't Recall

Alberto: I'll Take A Wild Guess Jet

Mitch: It's Car

Maggie: Yep

Papa Louie: I Came To Tastyville In Car

Roy: So Did I

Marty: It's Car Rita

Rita: Ok Marty

Foodini: Who's Got The Right Awnser Go To The Video!

(During The Clip)

Foodini: You May Recall That Papa And Roy Woken Up From There Snooze Cruise To Find Themeselfs Heading To Tastyville In A Car The Correct Awnser Is Car The Pancake, Taco, Pizza And Burger Teams Got That One Right (the winning teams congratalate themeselfs while the losing teams just felt bad)

Foodini: Next Question I'm Sure All Of You Remembered The Time When Ninjoy Kidnaptured All Of The Obese People And Me To But Theme And Myself On A Diet And Now For The Question Cookie and Pickle Saved The Fat People and I From Ninjoy Is This True Or False?

Papa Louie: Are You Crazy?

Marty: A Little Cat Like Cookie

Mitch: And A Little Puppy Like Pickle

Alberto: Saved Dad And Uncle Kahuna From Becoming Slim

Chuck: Now That's Just Not True

Cooper And Prudence: You Bet It's True

Foodini: Let's Watch The Clip Shale We We

(During The Clip)

Correct Is False Chuck Got It