Written by Jom Paul Paulino. Do not edit.

Once in a full moon, Sue went to the Tacqueria. She ordered a taco with chicken and mayonnaise, because her stomach's full. She tipped $3.00 for the taco and went outside. The streets were dark and the windows of the Tacqueria were the giving only light. As Sue went to walk on the sidewalk, someone put her inside a sack. She screamed, but since its night, no one heard her. Her taco fell to the ground.

The next morning, a free taco breakfast was introduced in the Tacqueria. 
Kingsley: Who left the simplest taco here, is it the free breakfast?
The others laughed.
Cletus: Hey look, my ad was taken down, replaced by Sue's Nightly Garage.
The others turned around.
Penny: But Sue said to me last time she wouldn't spend her money on a crazy ad.
Peggy: Yeah, she said it to me too.
Sarge Fan: Where? Can't see anything!
Quinn: It seems to be newly pasted.
Cooper: Sue doesn't even have a garage.
Kahuna: We'll see if she bought one.

The police arrived. Shannon stepped out of the car.
Shannon: I also saw the ad. If you look closely on Sue's eyes, you'll see a bit of fear in it. That's why were here, we'll investigate what happened to Sue.
Foodini: Hey,*panting*I had visited recently Sue's residence, but she was nowhere to be seen. I looked at her office, but they said they don't know where Sue is.
Doan: Looks like the ad is newly painted. I could smell it.
Akari: Daddy, your artistic sense again. 
Mitch: Hey, what are you doing there. The door's open!
Maggie: What do we do wrong? Why had you brought the police here?
James: Sue's gone.
Kenji(from behind Willow):Mitch, did you see Sue.
Mitch and Maggie: Yes!
Mitch: We were about to close when Sue came in. She ordered a taco with chicken and mayonnaise, then she went outside. We even saw her sillhouette through the window.
Maggie: I was also mopping the floors.
Kingsley: It is Sue's taco in here. Seems like there's a sign of struggle here.
Shannon: Oh my! Look what I found.

All of them: *gasp*

Wally: My oh my.