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the story

Alberto: *driving*

CoolA: So, technically you can drive a car in Flipverse at the age of 16?

Alberto: Well, yeah.

CoolA: Also, why are you driving me to my table tennis club?

Alberto: Well, after what happened, I decided I should do stuff for you.

CoolA: Thanks! I guess you won't wait for a month then.

Alberto: YES!

CoolA: Turn up the radio. I'm bored.

Alberto: Fine. *turns on radio*

CoolA: If you don't mind, put it to the JK.P station.

Alberto: JK.P?

CoolA: 55.7.

Alberto: *puts radio station on to 55.7*

  • music comes on*

CoolA: AH!!!1111 OMG IT'S I GOT A BOY BY SNSD!11!!1!!1 TURN IT UP LOUDER, I WANT TO HEAR IT AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!1111!!1!!1111!!!!!!!11111!! *starts trying to control radio*

Alberto: Oh no! *starts driving badly*

Penny: *about to cross the street*


Penny: *notices* OH MY GOD!

Alberto: *steps on brakes*

  • car crashes*

Alberto: *opens door* Ugh....

Penny: W-what happened?

Alberto: Well, apparently, he goes crazier than the girls go for the whole TVXQ cast shirtless....

Penny: What?

Alberto: Nevermind.

Penny: Well, you know, you're a really bad driver!

Alberto: Oh, that? With this kid, I'm nothing....-_-

CoolA: *kicks Alberto out of the seat* Hey!

Alberto: *falls off* Ow!

CoolA: That's what you get! I'm jacking this car! *closes car door and drives car*

Alberto: *gets up* Ugh....I still really don't feel well...

Penny: *sigh*

-later in the Freezeria-

Alberto: *blending sundae*

CoolA: Huh. It would be a shame if you dropped that sundae.

Alberto: COOLA? *drops sundae*

CoolA: Another one. I'm calling Papa Louie about this record of yours.

Alberto: Shouldn't you be at table tennis practice?

CoolA: We got off early. Didn't you know the tournament's tomorrow?

Alberto: Oh....

CoolA: And also, I have to work on my pixel art submission!

Alberto: Didn't you say SOMETHING about how pixel art sucks?


CoolA: *game face* *sigh* Pixel art is so hard....

-1 hour later-

CoolA: I DID IT! *looks at computer* ...........


CoolA: I WASTED AN HOUR ON SATURDAY FOR THIS CRAPPY WORK!?!?!?!? AGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *throws stuff out window*

Alberto: *walking by* WHAT THE HECK- *gets hit* -flashback ends with lots of blood spilling out of Alberto-

Alberto: Eugh...*shivers* I don't even want to think about it.

CoolA: Well, I've been practicing.

Alberto: I'll drop by your house then just to check.

-at 8:00-

Alberto: *dropping by CoolA's house* Well, looking good so far-

CoolA: UGH! I SPENT ALL MY HOURS, AND I JUST GET THIS CRAP!??!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *throws stuff out window again*

Alberto: Well, I had a good life. *puts on helmet*

CoolA: AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *keeps throwing stuff*

Alberto: *gets hit on head by anvil but doesn't feel anything* Wow. This helmet really IS invincible!

CoolA: AGHHHH- *stops* Oh, there you are.

Alberto: Well, finally! So when can-

CoolA: *throws anvil at* YOU STILL HAVE EXACTLY 2 WEEKS.

Alberto: What? Come on...please?

CoolA: Alright then. *evil laugh*

Alberto: Well, this is so trustworthy!

CoolA: (He doesn't know what's coming....ehe....)


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Right now, I'm out of ideas. I either have to hire a co-writer or cancel this series. I'm considering cancelling this, but I just can't let my fans down.