This is my 2nd fanfic I wrote. It's a bit 18+, so...yeah...and if you see the name "CoolA" that's referring to me. The soda explosive is right here! SodaPopExplosive(talk) 01:53, July 14, 2013 (UTC)

The Story


CoolA: *on iPhone* I cannot believe you just did that. *blahblahblah* Oh, really! Cool. Next time, beat him up for what he did.

Alberto: Ok! Order up! *holding sundae*

Penny: *walks by*

Alberto: *drops sundae*

CoolA: WHAT THE HECK! *on phone* I'm sorry guys. I gotta go. Mr. Dropped My Sundae just did you know what....

Penny: Oh hey, Alberto!

Alberto: Uh....hey! Eheh! *turning a bit pink*

CoolA: Oh...I see....*evil look* *on phone again* Nevermind about that. You'll never guess what happened. *blahblahblahblahblah* I'll give you a hint. Alberto + Penny walking by + dropping sundae = L-

Alberto: *still a bit pink* Huh? What? NO!

CoolA: YES!

Alberto: *getting a bit more pink*

CoolA: Ray, Rai, Alberto is totally in love with Pen-

Alberto: *gets CoolA's phone* Uh, no! He is just making stories! *hangs Ray and Rai up*

CoolA: Give. Me. The phone. NOW!

Alberto: *gives back phone* Uh, okay! Eheh....

CoolA: *punches Alberto in the face*

Alberto: ACK! *falls to the ground*

CoolA: I shine bright like a diamond!

Alberto: Not to mention that you hit as hard as one-

CoolA: SHUT IT! *beats up Alberto*

Alberto: OW! Stop it! You're embarassing me in front of-

CoolA: WHO, ALBERTO? You're future girlfriend? HUH!? *continues beating up Alberto*

15 minutes later...

Alberto: *sigh* Finally....the pain is done...

CoolA: Or is it....*evil smile*

Alberto: Oh no...

After the terrible scene that I really don't know why I have to cut out...

Alberto: Ugh...I don't feel so well.

CoolA: That's what happens, Alberto. Don't ever make fun of me or you're dead.

Alberto: Fine....

CoolA: By the way, can you hold my phone for me?

Alberto: Sure...whatever...

Penny: What a scene...I thought you would actually kill him at was so scary!

Alberto: Penny! *turns pink again while dropping CoolA's phone*

CoolA: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! *slow motion*

  • phone drops*

CoolA: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!!!!

Alberto: Not again!

And once again, after another terrible scene that I don't know why I should cut out.....

Penny: *about to cry* Stop it!

CoolA: Why should I!?

Penny: Well...uh...because it's not nice to kill someone!

CoolA: That's your excuse?

Penny: He just looks so beat!

CoolA: Fine!

Alberto: *gets back up* I'M FREE!

The next night after shift...

CoolA: I'm back!

Alberto: Oh're going to beat me up again, are you? If you are, then that's sad...I really wanted to tell you something...

CoolA: I won't, you idiot. Ok then, what do you want to tell me?

Alberto: Let's go in the back...

CoolA: Ok then.

Penny: Wait!

CoolA: WHAT.

Penny: Uh...are you guys going to do what I think you're going to do in there?


Penny: That was a ridiculous question..I'm sorry...


-at the back-

CoolA: So, what was it?

Alberto: Well..I may sound weird, but I was hoping-

CoolA: Hold that thought.

CoolA: *opens backdoor quickly*

Penny: *gets hit by the door* Ow!

CoolA: That's what happens when you stalk on conversations!

-goes to the back again-

Alberto: I was thinking about you trying to help me get Penny me?

CoolA: Really? I know she likes you somehow, she's always giggling about you. I know because...I know. And besides, you guys are perfect for each other!

Alberto: Well, thanks! So, what do I say to let her know I like her?

CoolA: I know what to say. First, lean casually on a wall with your arms crossed, and then when she comes up, say this: "Y'know, Penny. I really wished there was something between us. You know what that's called? A wall!"

Alberto: ............Really?

CoolA: I'm joking about the wall part. Just say love instead of "A wall".

Alberto: How do I be all chill like that? You know I get all blushy and nervous when I'm around her!

CoolA: I know by the looks of it. Also, I know you also get an erection when you're around her too.

Alberto: What!? How did-

CoolA: Simple. I know because I know you that much.

Alberto: *facepalm*

CoolA: Well, if there's anything, to stay calm, go to my house once work is done. K?

Alberto: Ok then...

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