Boomer headed into the cannon. Again, she promised she was ready for her human cannonball act. This time, all residents in the Land of Flipline are watching. Adrenaline pulsed through her nervous body as she headed into the cannon with her daredevil's jumpsuit and cape. Sweet on was red, white, and blue. Georgito shouted "Are you ready?" He was the organizer of the Annual Flipline Games. 3..2..1..0..

Chapter 1:

"Are you okay?", Sasha's soft voice rang in Boomer's ears. Boomer felt this icky pain and goo on the side of her face, for she had failed. No..wrong, the cannon had failed. It had malfunctioned. The goo was her own icky red blood. "Come on Boomer, we'll get your cut cleaned up and get you some ice." said Akari. Akari walked Boomer over to the Ice Station. She cleansed the bloody laceration with water. Akari got a bandage and put it on the wound. Boomer mumbled "Great, just great, I have to walk around like this." "It is okay," said Akari, "We all have injuries at points." Boomer nodded and walked over to a corner. She started to sob. She wished she still had landed on her feet and flipped in midair. The cannon wasn't malfunctioning. She realized she was the one malfunctioning. She tried to back all the events in the process. She was shot out of the cannon. She flipped. She fell on her side. Thank god only her face was injured and cut. She was very glad she didn't need a trip to the ER. That was gonna be waay to bloody.

Chapter 2:

Boomer decided to practice flipping some more in midair. She hated faling in large crowds. After practicing, she watched some of the news. "Oh no! Is that my pal Akari at court?" she yelled. Akari was with Quinn. She was not happy. "And this shady/masked guy crashed into my vehicle and.... 

Boomer could hardly hear her last words.. 

She turned off the TV and headed to Land of Flipline, Tastyville's capital. "Faster, faster, faster...", she mumbled. "I needa get to Quinn/Akari FAST!" When Akari got to the court where Lawyer Quinn is, she figured out she can't go in. The doors where heavily locked. 

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