Note: This will happen on the Wiki Universe, not on the Flipverse.

The characters are:

MintIceCream: Cindy

Andreiggff124: Charles

SodaPopExplosive: Candace

Cassie Moats: Cassie

The Contributor: Rotaro


Let us start!

On the Wiki Universe, a guillible man named Rotaro spams the wiki.

Rotaro: Lalalala. I will spam the wiki... Lalallalalalala. (types his spamming jokes)


Casey: Hi Charles!
Charles: Hi. How is your day?
Casey: Ugh, I got a bad day.
Cindy: Shut up you bunch of (bleep)!
Charles: Cindy, stop being rude.
Cassie: Charles!
Charles: What Cassie?
Cassie: Good News. You Are An Admin!!!
Charles: Okay. Casey, what are you going to say?
Casey: Because, I encountered a really (bleep) post.
Charles: What is it? Send me the link.
Casey: Okay.
Charles: (clicks the link)
Charles: ARGH!!! THIS IS TRASH!!! THIS IS THE WORST TRASH I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! Oh wait. I am an admin so, I can delete this load of trash!
Casey: Cindy, Cassie, wanna join?
Candace: Wait for me!!!
Cindy, Cassie and Candace: Sure!

Meanwhile, in the Flipverse...

Willow: What is in my computer today? (turns on the computer)
(saw the post)
(goes outdoors)
Trishna: OMG. Did you see the post?
Willow: Yes.
Quinn: Me too.
Scarlett: Me too.
Ninjoy: Me too.
Willow: To whoever has made this junk, KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS!!!

Back on the Wiki Universe...

Rotaro: Huh? WHO THE (bleep) HAS DELETED MY POST!!!
 ???: We did.
(Mysterious persons appear as Charles, Cindy, Candace, Casey and Cassie)
Cassie: Aha! We have got you now!
Charles: Now,
Cindy: Face the banhammer you son of a (bleep)!
Casey: Rotaro, you are arrested.
Candace: (throws a soda pop bomb)

Rotaro woke up in a holding cell. Then, the C Gang appeared again.

Charles: Hello.
Rotaro: Oh no.

Rotaro was banned form the wiki. Then, his old jokes were debunked and deleted. 

Hope you enjoyed! Oh, and by the way, NO EDITING!!!