After the contest

After The Contest For The Girls

Leila talks to Papa Louie about holding a hot dog eating contest and Papa Louie agrees.

Leila: Okay lemme see if this megaphone is on. (tap tap tap, blow, clears throat) Attention everyone! Me and Papa Louie have just agreed we will be holding a giant hot dog eating contest just outside of the griller stadium. Whoever wins will be crowned king or queen of hot dogs and get this shiny trophy. NOW WHO'S WITH ME?

Everyone: YAAAAY!!!

Leila: Excellent! The contest will begin tomorrow at noon! 

Narrator: Tommorow at noon...

Leila: Alright, okay! Lemme explain the rules. Whoever is right-handed raise your hand!

Everyone raises their hand.

Leila: Okay! Put that hand behind your back. You will have to use your left hand to grab the hot dogs. To make things even harder, the hot dogs have been marinated in hot sauce and covered in spicy mustard. Whoever is caught drinking Fizzo, or any other soda will be immediately eliminated! If you want to add to the spiciness, that's fine by me. And... begin!

Xandra: (gets out whipped cream)

Xolo: Is that last year's whipped cream?

Xandra: Yep! Been saving this for a special occasion!(shakes can and sprays it over hot dogs)

Leila: HA! ELIMINATED! Whipped cream? On a hot dog? Gross! 

Clover: (gets out water and pours it over hot dogs, then pushes hot dogs together)

Leila: What's this? It appears Clover Stone is using some kind of water technique! I'm beginning to think that's she's ambidextrous!

Everyone stops eating.

Scooter: Ambi-what?

Prudence: Ambidextrous. It means she's able to use the right and left hands equally well.

Scooter: Oh. Wait, what? Wow. I did not know that up until now.

Narrator: 3 hours later...

Leila: And the winner is...

Marty: (Faceplants into hot dogs)

Yippy: Uuuuuugh, no more food! (waves white flag)

Leila: It appeares no one has, oh, it's Clover! Clover wins! Congratulations to you, you are now the Queen of Hot Dogs! Whooo!

Clover: Omigosh thank you!

5 minutes later...

Scooter: Wow, that was amazing! Teach me your wise ways!

Clover: I'm just naturally ambidextrous. It's a gift!


This was based on a daydream that I had.