Greg leaves and went to Gigante High. He continues his investigation about the prankster.

Greg: Sarge Fan! Come here!
Sarge Fan: What for?
Greg: Read this!

The note said "I stool aul gummi uninuns prom da Prizzeria tu disappont yu" which means "I stole all Gummy Onions from the Freezeria to dissapoint you"

Sarge Fan: To whoever wrote this note, he/she must be lying.
Alberto and Penny: Help! Someone stole all Gummy onions on the Freezeria!
Sarge Fan: What?

Meanwhile, on Ninjoy's house...

Xandra: Aha! How dare you to (Mr. Capri drenches her in water) AGGHLLUBLAAGHHGHHLUAGHGH

Then, the whole Dark Force Brigade came.​

Tessero: ATTA (Mr. Capri throws a lot of snowballs) Ouch ouch ouch!!!!!
Derangio: FINISH (Mr. Capri shoots him with wasabi sauce) AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!

Then, Matt, Tony and Jojo appeared.

Matt: Come on and catch them!
Ninjoy: Matt, Tony and Jojo are now members of the Dark Force Brigade. What to do now?
Mr. Capri: I got this.

Ninjoy distracts Matt and Jojo while Mr. Capri calls Mandi.

Mandi: (goes into rampage) TONY!!!!!!!
Tony: (whispers) Better run now!

Tony tries to run but he was caught. Then, Mandi slaps, kicks, punches and dragged him to the Wingeria.

Mandi (on the Fry Station): YOU (bang*) ARE (bang) A (bang) SHAME (bang) TO (bang) THE (bang) SOLARY (bang) FAMILY!!!!!! (turns on the fryer and about to place Tony's head)
Tony: Stop that Mandi!
  • note: bangs to the fryer
Mandi: Just quit on the Dark Force Brigade!
Tony: Okay! I'll quit!

Back to Ninjoy's house...

Quinn: Stop that! You three on the court!
Ninjoy: Wait a minute Quinn. (pulls out phone) Papa Louie! Quinn is here!
Papa Louie: Where is she?
Ninjoy: She will go to the court. Meet me here!

Meanwhile, on the court...

Quinn: I have caught you fighting. Why?
Papa Louie (along with the detectives): She is innocent!
Quinn: Is it true?
Ninjoy: Yes! I am innocent! It is their fault why I am here!

Then, Xandra appeared.

Quinn: Arrest her!!!
Xandra: Why?
Quinn: I sentence you to jail for 20 years without bail for kidnapping!
Greg: She is the prankster on our school!!!!
Quinn: Okay. And another 1 year for bullying!!!
Xandra: Man.
Papa Louie: Quinn!
Quinn: Yes?
Papa Louie: Could you sign this permit?
Quinn: Yes!

The next day...

Hank: Where is my permit!
Papa Louie: Here!
Hank: Okay. Here is your permit. Your business is now safe.

The end.