After the epic battle of Tastyville (that is what I call on the battle on The Rise of The Dark Force), everything went back to normal. Then, Matt and Tony approached Papa Louie.

Matt and Tony: Papa Louie! We have a new idea for the next Gameria!
Papa Louie: What is it?
Matt and Tony: Is it called Papa's Quesadilleria!
Papa Louie: Nice idea!

Then, they made the Gameria. They placed it on Oniontown. They made Papa's Next Chefs, and get ready to open it. But, something happened on the first day...

Doan (he works here): Hank! What do you want?
Hank: I am not here to eat. I am here to arrest you!
Doan: Why?
Hank: Because you dont have a business permit. Could I talk to Papa Louie?
Doan: Papa Louie!
Papa Louie: Yes?
Doan: Hank wants to talk with you.
Papa Louie: Yes Hank?
Hank: I am arresting you for having a business without a business permit.
Papa Louie: What? I thought I have one!
Hank: Okay. I will give you a chance. If you dont present me a business permit after one month, I will arrest you and close all your businesses.

Papa Louie, Doan and Wendy immeadietly went to Quinn and Associates. But, when they get there, Quinn isnt here.

Papa Louie, Doan and Wendy: Quinn? Where are you?

They, instead of finding her, found a note.

Doan and Wendy: Papa Louie! A note!
Papa Louie: (reads note)

The note said "pApA Lui I keednapped Quenn bicoz tu pribent yu prom attakin uz" which actually means "Papa Louie I kidnapped Quinn because to prevent you from attacking us"

Papa Louie: I know Xandra wrote this, but what is the connection of the Quesadilleria and attacking the Dark Force Brigade?

Then, they found Quinn on the courtroom, dead.

Papa Louie: Man! Now we would never save our business!
Doan and Wendy: Wait a minute! This is just a mannequin! And the blood is just ketchup!
Papa Louie: Maybe something fishy is happening here...

Meanwhile, at Gigante High...

Greg (on the video camera): Alright. Now we will interrogate Harry. He is Mr. Pepper's son so he might be.
Yippy: Alright. Are you the one that was found on Alberto, Marty and Cooper's flash drive?
Harry: No! But the prankster stole my clothes and replaced them with Xandra's clothing! Now I need to wear them! I have evidence!
Nick: Where is it?
Harry: On my locker! Someone framed me up...

Meanwhile, on Harry's locker,

Greg: Okay. Now we only see books, Harry's lunchbox and Quinn's dead body...
Yippy: Wait a minute! Quinn's dead body? It may be an evidence!
Yippy: Wait! It maybe a mannequin and ketchup prank!
Greg: Yeah! It is just a mannequin dressed like Quinn and ketchup plus a toy knife!

To be continued