• Sleeping Spot Kids
  • The Sound Of The Noise Awoke These Townspeople
(In The Spot Children's Bedroom The Spot Children Where Asleep When A Sudden Noise Is Heard It Woken Up Rita)

Rita: Just When My Dream Was Getting Good

(Xolo Is Playing With His Noise Maker When Rita Opens The Door)

Rita: Hey

Xolo: Oh Geez

(Xolo Runs Off With His Noise Maker And Rita Closes The Door And Rushes To Wake Up Alberto, Cecilia and Lisa)

Rita: Guys! Get Up! Get Up! Get Up! Get Up!

Alberto, Cecilia and Lisa: Were Up! Were Up! Were Up! Were Up! What Is It Rita?

Rita: I Heard Xolo With A Noise Maker I Think It's A Dark Force Scem To Wake Everyone In Town Up

Alberto. Cecilia and Lisa: Really?

Rita: Yeah

(Wendy Comes In)

Wendy: Kids It's 1:20 In The Morning Please Go Back To Bed

Lisa: We Can't Aunt Wendy We Heard A Strange Noise And We Wanna Know What It Is!

Wendy: Ok?

(In The Quadruplets Bedroom The Brothers Were Asleep When Franco Woke Up)

Franco: Rico!

Rico: What! I'm right beside you!

Franco: I have a feeling that the kids are awake!

Kahuna: So what!? I don't have a child!

Hugo: You do know that your wife is awake also!

Kahuna: Oh! We gotta go make sure there awake!

(The Bros Leaves There Bedroom To The Kids Bedroom To See Wendy And The Kids Awake)

The Brothers: What Are You Doing Up It's One In The Morning!

Wendy: The Kids Heard A Loud Noise And They All Woke Up To Rita's Loudness

(Elsewere In The Eureka Household Xolo Maked Noise Outside Causing Cooper To Wake Up)

Cooper: What Was That?

(Professor Fitz's Lab)

Fitz: What Was That?

(The Jay House)

Mitch And Chuck: Sarge Fan What Was That?

Sarge Fan!: Oh I Know One Thing Possible...The Five Mr Spots

(Everyone Goes To The Spot Household Including The 'O' Rileys)

Big Pauly: What's Going On Here?

Penny: Yeah, Did Alberto's Dad's Snorning Woke Everyone Up Again?

Rico: No 

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